Going For GREAT!

epiphanyLast week I had something of an epiphany.  Not exactly the type of epiphany where the clouds part and the angels sing, but it was a pretty profound moment.

I was on the trainer – my home way from home lately – and I was tired, and bored, and sore, and I just wanted to be DONE.

mind-blownI was drawing on my most recent inspiration, my friend Meredith who competed in Ironman-Lake Placid last month.  She got hit in the head several times during the swim and got a mild concussion that left her with blurred vision and a blinding headache during the bike.  When she got off her bike in T2, she discovered that both of her feet were covered by full-foot blisters, necessitating that she walk the run… A MARATHON – WALKING 26.2 MILES… with full foot blisters…

It makes my silly little 3 hour trainer ride a walk in the park by comparison.

Anyhow, on the Placid course, Meredith kept asking herself “Am I doing my very best right now in this moment?”

And so, right there on the trainer, I asked myself:  “Ang, are you really giving this your best or are you phoning it i so you can check off the box?”

Sometimes it’s hard to be totally honest with yourself.  But my answer was obvious:  NO!  No, I have not been giving my training or my nutrition or my work or anything else in my life my very BEST lately!  I don’t suck, but I could do so much better!!!

And so, in that moment I resolved to give the things that matter in my life my best. And I realize that sometimes my BEST, might not be very good at all, but if it is MY best in that moment, isn’t that better than just faking my way through?

I have Beach 2 Battleship 70.3 in 54 days and I have a goal to finish in under 6 hours.  That will take my BEST to accomplish.

We have so many huge projects in the pipeline at work and it will take my BEST to get them done on time and at the level of quality required.

I want to drop 10 pounds before B2B.  That will take my BEST effort at eating clean and providing quality fuel for my body so that it can do ITS very BEST during training.

I am excited to see what happens as I stop just getting by and start going for GREAT!!


2014 In Review

2014_in_review_image1_1_1Well, here we are, another year is in the books – and my what a year it has been!

Sometimes, we all get so wrapped up in our day-to-day grind that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, and it’s only when we hover above all the minutia and really take a “bird’s eye view” that we can see how far we’ve come!

2014 was an #epicwin year for me!!  I accomplished so much!

Personally, I celebrated both my 1 year and year and a half anniversaries of wine-sobriety.  That’s right, sports fans, I have not had a drop of vino since May 5, 2013.  And that’s a HUGE deal for a chick who, in my hey day, used to pound down at least 4 bottles of wine per week!

Deb and I celebrated our 4th year together, which makes me a really lucky gal, four times over!

Josh headed off to middle school and is doing terrific.  What a great kid he is!!  He was diagnosed with ADHD and gluten/dairy intolerances this year and has just taken it all in stride.  Amazing!  Erin headed off to the University of Maryland (College Park) on January 3rd and is a Junior majoring in English and doing incredible.  Nicki is a sophomore at Stetson University double majoring in Religious Studies and Psychology and is also excelling.  We have 3 really smart kids!!! 🙂

Business-wise, 2014 was a breakthrough year for us!  The speaking calendar was full, including a huge national convention in Dallas in August, and several regional trainings for the same company.  We launched several new products, and organized a 5K race to raise money for domestic and family violence awareness.  It was so successful and garnered so much positive attention, that we incorporated our non-profit entity, Building Remarkable Communities, Inc., and are organizing an entire racing series in 2015 consisting of 5K, 10K, and 15K running events spaced 3 months apart so people can progressively and safely train to the next distance.

old_meAthletically, it was an awesome year!  I came into the year a newbie runner – previously having run no more than a really, slow, sloppy 10K .  In February, I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  Then I took some time off from racing pursuits to train for my karate black belt test in July (which I somehow passed).  In August, I picked Swim-Bike-Run back up in a major way to prepare for my first solo Olympic Distance Race at Battle of the Bridges.  Then in October, shifted into pure running mode, as I prepared to take on my longest distance run ever – a full marathon – at the Space Coast Marathon. Along the way, I ran a couple of half marathons and some 5Ks (including a PR 5K at the Operation Changing Lives 5K ).   And to put the proverbial cherry on top of 2014, in October, I was named to the 2015 Swim-Bike-Mom Ambassador Team, which means I, along with 27 other amazing women, get to spread the word that triathlon is for every woman – no matter their size, shape, age – triathlon is a big tent and there is room for everyone!

2014 in Review: 
Swam: 17.98 miles
Biked: 1,156.72 miles
Ran: 573.11 miles
Longest Swim: 3200 yds
Longest Bike: 112.01 miles
Longest Run: 26.2 miles

Looking to 2015, I can only say BRING IT ON!!!  Officially, I will be virtually running the 3 races in our race series; I am running a half-marathon relay at the Melbourne Music Marathon Weekend on 2/1 with my friend and swim buddy, Megan White; Gulf Coast 70.3 triathlon on 5/9; and Beach2Battleship 70.3 triathlon on 10/17.  There will likely be some additional sprint and oly triathlons, as well as some half marathons and other 5K/10K events TBD.

My goal in 2015 is to run 100 miles each month – not sure how that’s supposed to happen, but I am assured that it can be done.

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