Gearing Up For 2015

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

It’s been a great December!  After Space Coast on November 30th, I took a few days off from training.  The race left me mentally and physically depleted.  I wasn’t on speaking terms with my running shoes for 4 whole days!  Finally, on Thursday morning a tacit truce was offered.  I laced up and went out for a 4 mile jog, which felt so good it turned into a 5 miles – and darned speedy one too – for me, at any rate.

I was planning to take most of December off from structured training – and I kind of did.

But on December 9th one of my SBM peeps posted that there were only 150 days until GCT… 150 Days!  That’s not so much time… It’ll be here in a blink of an eye!

My friend, Megan, invited me to come swim with her at LA Fitness where they have an indoor pool.  I was totally dreading swimming outdoors – even in Florida, the temps are chilly in the early morning.  It’s not the getting IN the water that’s the problem – it’s getting OUT and making it to the locker room before turning into a human popsicle that was a tad unappealing.  So, Megan and I started swimming 3 times per week – AND she hired Coach Pam!!  AND she’s also racing GCT!!!  AND she’s like half my age and in amaze balls shape!  SOOOOO, she’s like the PERFECT training partner for me!  Pushing me, every step of the way to give my best – or get left behind!

RR-halfThe week before Christmas, I got the crazy idea to run a half marathon – a virtual half marathon… The 2014 Reindeer Racer Half by US Road Running… Mostly because I loved the medal.  So, on December 19, I got up early and I ran 13.1 miles… for “fun” (and for the cool medal).  It was hard… I was really bummed.  I thought it should have been easier.  I thought I should have been faster.  But then I started thinking about it, and I realized that 13.1 miles is a long way to run – PERIOD.  And I just got up and did it – in 2:07:31!  So, props to me for that.

Then on Sunday, I wasn’t feeling right.  My head hurt so bad – from my right eye all the way back to the crown of my head.  Advil didn’t touch it.  I skipped swim on Monday… and Tuesday… I gutted out Christmas morning, not wanting to mess things up for my family.  And finally went to urgent care on Friday and was dismissed with a Rx for antibiotics and prednisone.  Hopefully, that will do the trick.  Still not feeling awesome.

Christmas was AMAZING though!  All the kids like their presents!  Josh’s piles were ridiculous!  He got pretty much everything on his Christmas list (with the exception of the smartphone – not happening), but the highlights were a New England Patriots football and the 2014 Topps NFL Card Collection.  At 12 years old, I’m not sure if he still believes in Santa or if he’s just putting on a good show for me, but either way it was cool!

IMG_1602  IMG_1639

Santa was very good to me as well!  I got a race entry to the Beach2Battleship half iron triathlon on October 17th, and a new sleeveless wetsuit, among a bunch of other cool things – I feel legit now!!!

IMG_1656   IMG_1628

Now, here it is December 28th (Happy Birthday Gramma, I hope things are awesome for you up in heaven.  Miss you every day), and my week of sloth must come to a close soon.  Free week ends on 1/1, and the 2015 training season begins on 1/2.  I’m psyched to get back at it.  I want to swim, and , bike, and run…  And I will… A LOT!

Wishing you all an incredible 2015!