Cortney Martin, 2010

Cortney Martin, 2010

Omigosh, 2 posts in one day!  Well, actually, I’m cheating – I really didn’t write either of these – I’m just SHARING!

I happened upon the blog of an ex-colleague of mine from the academia days.  Since 2008 Cortney Martin has transformed herself from a driven, type A Mom, faculty member, wife… to a drive, type A Mom, faculty member, wife, marathon runner, international triathlete, powerlifter…

I am absolutely in awe of her accomplishments and how she achieved them.  I am really enjoying reading through her blog as she captures so many of the things I believe so perfectly.

This is one of those posts from February, 14, 2011.

Cortney talks about being TRULY willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and how few people we meet in life that are really willing to pay the price for success.  It’s an awesome read.

So allow me to pass the blog over to Dr. Cortney Martin from her fantastic blog CortTheSport.com