Suck It Up

suck-it-up-post-itWow, looking back over some of my recent posts is somewhat illuminating – I bitch, moan, and complain … A LOT!!!

Time to suck it up, I think!

No one MAKES me do any of this.  There used to be a time when the alarm would go off and I would pull the cover up over my head only to have Deb poke at me and tell me it was time to go workout…

Now, most days I’m the one jumping out of bed to get to it.

No one makes me get up at 4:30AM so I can post a ride on the trainer before my 11 year old even wakes up for school.

No one makes me hit the pavement as soon as he steps on the school bus to get another run in.

of-course-it-is-hardNo one makes me lift weights until I can’t raise my arms over my head or until sitting on the toilet becomes a new form of personal torment from my screaming hamstrings.

No one makes me count out how many stupid almonds I’m eating.

No one MAKES me do any of it – it’s MY choice.

I want to be a better version of me.

I want to do things that MOST people won’t do.


So, injuries come with the game.  My ankle and knees are going to hurt sometimes.  Big deal.

No one wants to hear about them and, at the end of the day, they are just circumstantial.  This too shall pass.

Time to focus on what’s good and what’s going right and bring more of THAT in to my reality.