The Brick That Wasn’t

BrickSigh…  I was supposed to do a bike/run brick this morning (75 min bike/20 min run)…

And I actually WANT to do it, but alas, my bike is still in the shop after being reconfigured to fit me better.

Michael texted me on Friday that it was ready – right on time, just as he promised (I can’t wait to see the pretty red tape on the new bars!!!); however, a cram-packed work schedule will not allow me the half-day to drive over to Lake Mary, finish the fitting, and drive home until next Friday…

I am JONESING for a bike ride – even if it is a bit brisk outside.

So, I ran for an hour and a half on the elliptical since it is still quite dark outside.

Oh, I’m just full of excuses, aren’t I?  No bike… It’s dark… 😉

relaxWhy is it bothering me so much that I have to alter my plan?

(Because you are an OCD basket case??)

Here is exactly why…

I have a plan that Coach Pam emailed me.  It SAYS to ride for 75 minutes and run for 20 minutes.  It’s the training PLAN.  It’s the BIBLE.  It’s in black and white on a piece of paper.  It’s my accountability!

Left to my own devices, I would have absolutely no issue with changing the workout – no problem at all.

But when I am following a system/procedure/process/program/plan that has been given to me, I do tend to be more than a little bit obsessive about following it to the letter.

Am I alone here?  Anyone else flying that particular OCD freak-flag?