My To Do List is Ruining My Life!

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I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed!

My to do list has 24 things on it and ALL of them needed to be done like YESTERDAY!  I am tired and I am frazzled…

I was literally just down in the kitchen making a burrito bowl for lunch (2 hours late, by the way) and found myself just turning in circles in the middle of my kitchen, not really knowing what to do first.

Then, I returned to my desk, at my lunch (notice I didn’t have any issues with THAT), and looked at my list again…

Okay, first things first… What’s the most important thing on the list?

OH MAH GAWD! There are like 10 things on the list that are all equally on fire! Which one do I choose?

I just sat there blinking at my computer screen, hoping and praying that one of the items will just start flashing or something so I know it’s where I need to start.  But no, the list remains the same… I. AM. PARALYZED by indecision.

Here’s what’s going on in my life right now (and all I have to say is THANK SWEET BABY JESUS that Ironman is done or I would be institutionalized!):

  • I am draft part of the manuscript for Deb’s new book.  I’ve been a writing machine since New Years, pumping out 11 chapters in 15 days, but I have the content for 2 chapters left, then we need to review the whole manuscript, insert stories, edit content, and then get it to our editor by SUNDAY (yes, 6 days from now);
  • Next weekend (Jan 27-29), we are hosting a 3-day workshop up in Albany, New York.  I have to create the participant handout materials and get all the products, equipment, SWAG, etc. shipped out by Saturday;
  • We are launching a new video series later this week and we need to record the videos and set up the delivery mechanism still;
  • I’m updating our website and that needed to be done last month!
  • Our 5K race is only 6 weeks away and there are all kinds of logistics that need to be handled;
  • Of course there is all the day to day email/social media/operations for the business to shoehorn in;
  • And, for the love of all that is good and holy, I need a haircut!

That’s just the critical stuff.  My list doesn’t even fit on my Momentum screen anymore.

When you have too many competing priorities, how do you keep your sanity and choose what to work on first?  How do YOU break the grip of analysis paralysis?

I found a couple of articles that might be helpful if you find yourself in a similar predicament:

And yes, for those of you wondering… Writing this blog post was on my to do list!  😉

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