The Year of #NoExcuses

be_nice_to_yourselfYou know, I talk a pretty good game.  I own half of a peak performance company and we help people bust through self-imposed limitations every single day.  And it’s awesome, it really, really is!  And I’ve busted through my fair share of self-imposed bullshit in the past 6 years too.  I’ve taken out the mental garbage more times than I can count.  The process DOES work.

However, 6 years is not enough time to overcome the other 44 years of negative self-talk during my lifetime.  You know, all those nasty things we whisper (and sometimes scream) to ourselves when we’re laying in bed at night trying to fall asleep…

  • Why are you so damned fat?
  • Why didn’t you push harder on that interval set?
  • You know, your swim times really suck!
  • Why did you eat THAT today?
  • You should be a better swimmer, mom, partner, friend…
  • OMG, your thighs are ponderous!
  • You should be smarter, thinner, faster, stronger, more resilient, more productive, more, more, more…
  • And on and on…

good-enoughThe voice in my head doesn’t yell at me as often as she once did, but she’s most definitely still there.  And when she start shouting at me and telling me that I’m not good enough, I tend to have one of two reactions:  I either say, “F@%K YOU, watch me!” or I start making excuses and justifying why it’s okay or why what I’m doing is “good enough.”

“Good enough” is not living.  “Good enough” is living in “the Matrix” being content with whatever is left over in life.

I was meant for more than “good enough.”

We are ALL meant for more than “good enough!”

But of course, WE are the only ones who can do anything about that, aren’t we?

Personal development is a never-ending journey.  Once we think we’ve got it, we’re screwed.  Our logic waits for those moments of over-confidence to swoop in and knock us off our pedestal and attempt to steal our dreams.

I have decided that 2016 shall be a Year of #NoExcuses.  No justifications.  No settling for “good enough.”

I have ONE SHOT at Ironman.  TEN MONTHS to do whatever it takes to get to the finish line of Ironman Florida satisfied that I gave my very best and can walk away with pride in my accomplishment.  I get no do-overs.  If IMFL goes down in flames on November 5th, I don’t get to try again next year.  This is it.  So I have to make the most of it.

Excuses and settling for “good enough” will not serve me in this journey.

“F@%K YOU, watch me!”


P.S. If you’re looking for a great piece that breaks down the anatomy of an excuse, check out this post from Swim Bike Mom.

8 thoughts on “The Year of #NoExcuses

  1. I understand completely…great message! That voice only talks to me at night as well…can be really undermining…..I’m with you. Working towards my Black Belt…2 more to go after I plan on receiving my Blue Belt in April. So I am with you . I know I can..I know I can…I BELIEVE I CAN, I BELIEVE I CAN!

  2. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished and I know you will continue kicking butt going forward! I would just like to point out, however, that the tone and confidence and “damn it … I am going to DO this!” self-message you are sharing is EXACTLY the way you always have been since I first met you at about age 12!! So that nagging self-doubt inner voice was always sharing space with the tremendous and determined dreamer in your head … she is just getting shoved to the farther into the dusty corners where she belongs. Have a fabulous New Year! Love you!

      • You just have to BELIEVE! For example, if you cook an entire packet of bacon in your popcorn popper in a very small room with the window cracked about 4 inches and you BELIEVE that no one else on the dorm floor can smell it, then it must be so!!! Ha Ha!! 🙂

      • Yes, THIS!!!! LOL! Such fun memories! HOW many snowballs can we eat in one sitting without throwing up? Oh, the girls next door are playing Madonna too loud? Let’s crank The Ramones!! Ahhhh, those were the days!!!

  3. I believe the correct answer is 12 chocolate-covered cream-filled doughnuts … EACH. But the not-so-faint strains of Berlin wafting through the walls makes it a lot easier to barf the damn things back up. I will now stop hijacking your inspirational blog post!!! 😉

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