A Remarkable Wish…


I’m so excited about this holiday season for so many reasons, but one of the main ones has to do with something we are doing in my company, Cheslow Achievement Group.

We are a small business, but we have a big heart.  Every year, our team exchanges Christmas presents and has a get-together and it’s all great fun, but this year we decided to do something different.

Rather than spend money on presents that none of us really need, we’re pooling the money we would have spent and granting a Christmas wish for a local… It could be a person, a family, an organization, or another small business.  Deb and I got together and decides that we (as the company owners) would match whatever amount of money was in the gift pool.

So now were asking for people to send in their Christmas wishes.  It could be for themselves or they can nominate someone else.

  • Maybe someone needs a car repair that they can’t afford
  • Maybe someone needs rent assistance
  • Maybe someone doesn’t have enough food
  • Maybe it’s for something whimsical or frivolous

We’re collecting wishes until noon on Sunday, 12/20.  Then we’ll select a wish to grant and announce it on 12/23.

Are you in Volusia County, Florida?  Do you (or someone you know) have a “Remarkable Wish?”

Let us hear about it!  Send your wish or your wish nomination to remarkablewish@debcheslow.com, or post it in the comments on this blog, or message our Cheslow Achievement Group Facebook page.

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