The Law of Relativity

normal-illusion-spider-fly-quoteTwo weeks ago, I felt the need to invoke the Law of Relativity.

You know, that universal law that states that nothing has meaning until we compare it to something else.

As my 2nd 70.3 triathlon approached, I NEEDED to have something much worse to compare my measly 1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike to that made it seem… EASY (a half marathon sucks all the time, I don’t care who you are) by comparison.

So, my BTF (best triathlon friend), Megan, and I decided to do 2/3 of an Ironman triathlon.

2-4-swimOn Friday morning, we met at the pool and swam 2.4 miles – and it was hard, but it wasn’t hard at all until about the 3500 yd point (refer to my previous post on the 75% Rule of The Suck), so 1.2 miles (or 2,112 yds) is a piece of cake – especially at Beach 2 Battleship where the swim is with the tidal current.

Then on Saturday morning, we over near Orlando to a trail system and rode 2 56 mile loops – 112 miles on the bike.  And it sucked and was really hard and really hilly!  But it wasn’t hard until about the 85 mile mark.  So my measly 56 mile bike on flat roads at Beach 2 Battleship should be a piece of cake, right?

112-milesPiece of cake swim + piece of cake bike + hang on for dear life on the run = PR 70.3, right?

Well, that’s the plan, anyhow.  We’ll see how it actually goes down next Saturday.

I ran 6 miles this morning and it felt terrific.  If I can manage to pull together a decent run next week, I have a really good shot at a sub-6 hour half-iron race, which would be pretty cool indeed!

After tomorrow’s ride and Sunday’s swim/run we’re in Taperville and all bets are off.

Tune in next week to see if I manage to keep my sanity or if I completely self-sabotage – there’s a 50/50 shot!

T-minus 7 days to go!Beach2Battleship-Iron-Distance-Triathlon

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