Sunday Run-day!!!

RRR_2014Yesterday we hosted the final race of our 2015 Remarkable River Racing Series – a 5K and a 15K along the river at sunrise in Port Orange, FL.  It is hard to believe that this was our 4th race – or I should say ONLY our 4th race!  Back in Spring, 2014 one of Deb’s clients had the bright idea that we fund the efforts of our Domestic Violence not-for-profit corporation, Building Remarkable Communities, by hosting running races.  I remember Deb’s reaction like it was yesterday:  “We are a peak performance coaching and training company, we don’t organize races!”

But after chewing on the idea for a couple of weeks, it came back up again and our team decided that it would be a cool idea – even though we had NEVER done anything like this before.  On September 20,2014 we hosted our first 5K race and drew approximately 220 runners, which we were told was terrific for a 1st time 5K.  In 2015 we had over 900 runners run with us!  We upped the ante with a 5K race in March, a 10K race in June, and a 15K race in September.  It has been tremendous and I know that 2016 will be our best year yet!


2015 5K Race – 3/14/15


2015 10K Race – 6/14/15


2015 15K Race – 9/13/15









But you know what the coolest part of the whole things has been?  It’s been watching my son, Josh, progress with the series as a runner.  I watched my newly 13 year old son cross the finish line of his longest race ever at our 15K event and then I got the privilege of being able to award him his 1st place Age Group medal for his efforts.  He learned to suffer and persevere out on that course yesterday.  There was another kid in his age group who was nipping at his heels the entire race and he knew he had to keep going if he wanted to win.

josh-finish    josh

Let’s face it, he’s MY son – he doesn’t like to lose!  And I can’t tell you how proud of him I am!

So even though his training runs may have been a bit lackluster at times, he brought his game face to race morning and he kept going – even on the bridges – and he achieved his goal!

Running always has been and always will be an incredible metaphor for life   in general!

rcookSo, come run with us in 2016!  Our 2016 Remarkable River Racing Series dates are:

  • 5K on 2/28/16
  • 5K/10K on 6/12/16
  • 5K/15K on 9/25/16

We offer live and “virtual” options for all our races, so distance is no barrier to joining in the fun.  Heck, we had a guy running our 15K yesterday in Sofia, Bulgaria!!!  You can register here!

JulieDayAnd I would be completely remiss if I didn’t give a HUGE shout out to Dr. Real Estate, Julie Day, in Port Orange.  Julie was looking for a place where she could make a difference right here in our local communities in central Florida.  And through a series of seemingly coincidental circumstances (I prefer to think of it as divinely inspired meetings), she was guided to us.  After meeting with our Vice President, Freddie Smith, Julie decided that Building Remarkable Communities was the organization she wanted to work with.  Yesterday, Julie presented BRC with a check for $1,000 which represents a percentage of her real estate commissions.  THIS is what this is all about – bringing people and resources together to make a thunderous impact on domestic violence here in OUR communities.  One day in the not too distant future we will be a national force – thanks to people like Julie Day!

Have a tremendous week everyone!

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