The Day I Quit Triathlon

I Quit Note Isolated on whiteLast week I quit triathlon.  Yes, you heard me right.


For like 20 whole minutes!

You see, I’ve been training my butt off for my upcoming half-iron distance race at Beach 2 Battleship in October and I really thought I was making progress.

Faster swim… check

Stronger bike…check

But my run… LAWD, my run!

You see, I have bad feet.  I don’t if they just genetically suck, or it it’s the fact that they are so damned big that something was bound to go wrong with them, but running makes them hurt.

And not just achy-suck-it-up-buttercup-it’s-distance-running-and-it’s-supposed-to-hurt kind of hurting, but knives-stabbing-into-the-balls-of-my-foot kind of hurting on any run over about 6 miles.  So, I’ve been running on the elliptical machine for almost all of my runs since June.

Fast-forward to last Wednesday…

Megan and I decided to run our virtual Remarkable River Racing Series 15Ks (9.3 miles) early that morning.  I can’t run the events live because I am so bogged down with race management duties on race day and Megan wanted to volunteer on the course, hence the virtual runs.

We met up at 6:30am and started running and all was well until about the 5 mile point when the wheels started to come off the bus.  Oh, did I mention that I fueled this 15K on a banana?

ONE stupid banana for 9.3 miles – What in the actual F*#K was I thinking?

At 6 miles my right foot felt like I was pushing off a bed of nails with each stride.  I had to pee really bad too.  😦

At the top of the bridge

At the top of the bridge

Thankfully, we encountered a port-o-potty on the route or things could have gotten gross.  I’m just sayin…

Then, there was the bridge.  I was already dying and we had to run the bridge – well, walk/run the bridge… Well, walk UP the bridge and run down the other side… (heavy sigh).

We weaved through a neighborhood and then headed BACK over the bridge…  WHO designed this stupid course anyhow? Oh wait, I did!  Crap!!

My calves were sending up these electrical pulses that made my legs want to collapse out from under me, but we somehow finished.

God bless Megan for not dropping my sorry butt – because, she surely could have.  I was pitiful!

Somehow we finished the 9.3 miles.  My time was wretched…  My legs were aching and my feet were wrecked.

And I have a half-ironman in 5 weeks?  This was NOT good.

I went home and in the shower I made my decision – I QUIT!

That run had shaken my confidence.  I should not struggle with 9 miles at this stage of the game.  Obviously the elliptical is not building my run strength the way my coach and I had hoped.

And then I went into my office and looked at my training schedule…  Sooo much work has been done and so much work is left to be done.

And I don’t like to quit… EVER!

So, RRRS5KI re-decided that I would really give these next 4 build weeks my all – and that I would run outside as much as possible to build my run back.  Heck, I ran a marathon not so long ago, and muscle has memory, right?  I can do this! And besides, I LOVE TRIATHLON!!

On Saturday, I was still aching from my 15K adventure and I had a 2.5 hour bike ride and a 50 minute run brick on my schedule.  I was dreading it so much.  I promised to run with my almost 13-year old son who IS running the 15K this Sunday.  We stuck to our neighborhood.  I took it slow – run the straight stretches and walk the cul-de-sacs.  I did 4.47 miles in 50 minutes.

Yesterday, I swam and then ran 3.  Today I biked and ran 5 (in under 50 minutes), so progress!

Tomorrow is the test… 14 miles for my long run…  We shall see.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?


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