Going For GREAT!

epiphanyLast week I had something of an epiphany.  Not exactly the type of epiphany where the clouds part and the angels sing, but it was a pretty profound moment.

I was on the trainer – my home way from home lately – and I was tired, and bored, and sore, and I just wanted to be DONE.

mind-blownI was drawing on my most recent inspiration, my friend Meredith who competed in Ironman-Lake Placid last month.  She got hit in the head several times during the swim and got a mild concussion that left her with blurred vision and a blinding headache during the bike.  When she got off her bike in T2, she discovered that both of her feet were covered by full-foot blisters, necessitating that she walk the run… A MARATHON – WALKING 26.2 MILES… with full foot blisters…

It makes my silly little 3 hour trainer ride a walk in the park by comparison.

Anyhow, on the Placid course, Meredith kept asking herself “Am I doing my very best right now in this moment?”

And so, right there on the trainer, I asked myself:  “Ang, are you really giving this your best or are you phoning it i so you can check off the box?”

Sometimes it’s hard to be totally honest with yourself.  But my answer was obvious:  NO!  No, I have not been giving my training or my nutrition or my work or anything else in my life my very BEST lately!  I don’t suck, but I could do so much better!!!

And so, in that moment I resolved to give the things that matter in my life my best. And I realize that sometimes my BEST, might not be very good at all, but if it is MY best in that moment, isn’t that better than just faking my way through?

I have Beach 2 Battleship 70.3 in 54 days and I have a goal to finish in under 6 hours.  That will take my BEST to accomplish.

We have so many huge projects in the pipeline at work and it will take my BEST to get them done on time and at the level of quality required.

I want to drop 10 pounds before B2B.  That will take my BEST effort at eating clean and providing quality fuel for my body so that it can do ITS very BEST during training.

I am excited to see what happens as I stop just getting by and start going for GREAT!!


2 thoughts on “Going For GREAT!

  1. You’ve got this Angie! You are stronger mentally than most people I know. You have us behind you to support you in any way you need.

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