Short Update and Musings on Cruises

blog fail yetiWell, here we are in mid-August and another 3 months have gone by since I’ve posted.  I really need to get my act together in the blogosphere!!

Soooo, here’s my summer in a nutshell:  Swim, Bike, Run, Work, Sleep, Eat, Repeat…  Normally, “Mom” would fit in there as well; however, this year my son had the wonderful opportunity to spend the bulk of the summer with my family and his Dad in Virginia.  He left on June 5th and I picked him up at the airport yesterday.  I’m not gonna lie – the break was nice, for both of us – but I missed him terribly and am very happy to have him home!

Beach2Battleship-Iron-Distance-TriathlonThis summer’s main endeavors were starting a new 70.3 training cycle for PPD Beach 2 Battleship 70.3 that is just shy of 60 days away!  😮  And I’ve been training while battling some tendonitis in my right foot, so I’m running almost exclusively on an elliptical.  I have a good friend who has hip issues who has successfully and competitively completed triathlon after triathlon (including 2 70.3s) while doing almost all her running on the elliptical!  If anything her run is stronger than it was before.  I’m hoping for similar results.

I also turned 50 years old earlier this month.  FIFTY???  How the hell did THAT happen?  The fact is that age is just a number.  I feel better at 50 than I did at 20!  I celebrated the beginning of my 6th decade on the planet with a BIRTHDAY BRICK!  I woke up early on August 1st – the day before my birthday – and rode my bike for 50 miles, then I drove to LA Fitness and swam 5,000 yards, and finally, I ran 5 miles.  It was hard, but I felt so great afterwards!!  And, the icing on the (birthday) cake was that at no other time in my life could I have finished any one part of that workout, much less all 3 parts!

920After I finished, I received one of my birthday presents – an upgrade to my data life – a Garmin Forerunner 920XT Multisport watch!!!  It is so amazing.  My friend, Meredith Atwood – aka Swim Bike Mom – told me that a 920 would change my life.  I didn’t believe her – I mean, seriously, how can a WATCH change your life?  But she was so right!  This gadget does EVERYTHING!!  It even monitors my sleep and sends me my text messages and Facebook notifications! 🙂  I think I would marry this watch if that were an acceptable thing to do.

My other big birthday present was a CRUISE!! My very first!!  Deb and I decided to drop everything and live out a dream of throwing a bathing suits and a bottle of sunscreen in a bag, jumping in the convertible, heading down to Port Canaveral, and hopping on a cruise ship for a few days of R&R…  Okay, so we packed enough shit for a family of 8 and took my SUV, but the rest is true enough.  😉

ship-Sensation-w600Our ship was the Carnival Sensation – a FUNship – and we were cruising over to the Bahamas (Nassau) and then spending a day at sea, and then back into Port Canaveral – Thursday – Sunday.  We really had a blast!  We put the cellphones in the safe and completely unplugged for 3 days, which was amazing.  And we proved that it is possible to make healthy food choices on a cruise ship – all evidence to the contrary ALLLL around us!  There was a 24/7 buffet available somewhere on the ship.  At any moment you could get eggs, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, cake, pie, cookies, ice cream – all manner of greasy, fatty foods that you may as well just apply to your thighs.  But there was also cereal, oatmeal, fruit, salad bars, and an awesome noodle bowl station with all kinds of great veggies that got stir fried up with yummy sauces.  In the dining rooms there was always a vegetarian option or a light option on the menu.

buffetdrinksAnd, you know what?  I found that I actually CRAVED oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and looked forward to my noodle bowl at lunch, and my Indian vegetarian meal at dinner.  It was delicious and satisfying and I felt GOOD after I ate it.  Who knew?  We chose to have a mixed drink each day – on Friday (our port day), I actually had 2 mixed drinks and 2 beers over the course of the day – #ZF!!

I loved the cruise!!!  And I’m already planning our next one – maybe next summer!

So now, off to my trusty steed (my bike)!  I’ll be back soon!





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