SERIOUSLY, Universe?

2014-11-26 001 2014-11-26 001I was on a really awesome streak up until the holidays.  I hadn’t been sick in over 4 years (anything more than a sniffle) and I hadn’t been truly injured in almost 15 years.

Both of those streaks crashed and burned over the past 2 weeks.

I already went on and on about my Christmas shingles episode, so I’ll spare you.

And yesterday, the injury streak came to a painful and undignified end.

Some background:

If you haven’t already figured it out, I am an incredibly stubborn person.  If I want to do something badly enough, I’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

Also, we are BIG Christmas people.  It’s our favorite holiday by far and we decorate the house, and bake cookies, and have big piles of presents, and, and, and…

Since we moved to Florida into a house with 17 foot ceilings in the living room, we also strive to get a BFT (Big F–king Tree).  The last few years we scored 11 footers and they were lovely.  This year, I actually contacted the tree farm where we buy our trees and asked them to find us a special tree.  They found a 13-foot tall Fraser Fir for us.

2014-12-05 001 2014-12-05 002When we went to pick it up, it took 3 big men to hoist it up on the roof of the car.  The head dude guestimated that it weighed ~250 lbs.  Even so, Nicki, Deb , and I were able to get it into the tree stand on our own and it was a GORGEOUS Christmas tree – the best one yet!!

Exit the holidays…

Yesterday was the day to take down the tree.  I never gave it a second thought.  Nicki came over from college to help and we went to work.  Deb unscrewed the stand and Nicki and I attempted to lift it straight up and out of the stand.  The tree seemed so much heavier than it was when it went up!  I lifted and all of a sudden – “POP” – I heard/felt a something pop in my lower back.  Then came pain – pain that dropped me to my knees – and all I could think was, “OH F__K – there goes my 70.3!!” (Pardon my implied explicative).

halifax2I got upright and Deb called our Chiropractor, but couldn’t get past the gatekeeper.  So, off we went to the ER.  I was so scared that I had really messed myself up, and was so mad at myself for doing something so stupid (or as my friend, Freddie, would say “stoopid” – with 2 “o’s”).  The ER was absolutely slammed and I sat in the waiting area for HOURS waiting to be see.  But I needed to make sure I wasn’t seriously hurt.

Dammit, I have a 70.3 to train for!!

6 hours later, I walked out of the hospital with a diagnosis of a pulled muscle, a muscle relaxer, and yet another monster co-pay… :/

Is it kind of sick that my first concern was how soon I could resume working out?

Luckily, the only thing that is restricted is running, but I can walk and use the elliptical instead.  Riding on the trainer is preferred for a couple of weeks.  Swimming is unrestricted.

This morning, I gingerly climbed on my bike on the trainer and spun for an hour – not hard or fast, but done.  Then, I did ~3 miles on the elliptical.

Today, I am really, really sore, but I have been sorer after the start of a new weight lifting cycle.

I’m going to count myself super lucky and see if I can’t start using the brain God gave me to THINK before I act!

Bullet dodged, and let’s call it pre-disastered for another 15 years, okay?

3 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY, Universe?

  1. It’s always when you least expect it! I am sure you will recover fully and stronger for it…I pulled a muscle in my back two days before my wedding (went to chiropractor and massage therapist but was still stiff during celebration…and on honeymoon! Don’t ask! ha!) The race is eons away….heal fully!

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