accountability8-p1I am a big believer in the power of accountability.

Actually, Accountability is one of the 4 foundational pillars of the platform of our company, Cheslow Achievement Group.

I have signed accountability agreements to accomplish all kinds of cool stuff:  Writing a book from blank page to publisher submission in 2 months, cutting alcohol out of my life for a year (still don’t drink wine at all over 18 months later), training for and competing in my first triathlon, building success habits in my personal and professional life that are really only a matter of making a commitment to do something each and every day until it’s a no-brainer.

Accountability was at the front of my mind when I hired Coach Pam over a year ago.  I respected her as a person and as an athlete and I knew it would kill me to let her down – boom – accountability!

So, over the past week while I’ve been cooling my heels waiting for clearance to get back in the training game after my Christmas Shingles, I’ve been looking over my half-iron training plan and wondering how in the world I will manage it all.

See, I am not so great at keeping commitments to myself.  I’m one of those people who tend to put themselves last.  I’m much better than I used to be, but still, when push comes to shove, I tend to put my own needs on the back burner and take care of those around me – making sure everyone is getting what they need.

I’m a care-taker, what can I say?  It’s what I do.

I may not keep the commitments I make to myself all the time, but I’ll be damned if I’ll break a commitment that I make to someone else – especially people close to me – people I care a lot about.

So, I know the power of accountability and I keep commitments I make to others… How could I pair these together to make my training cycle work better?  How could I add layers of accountability into my training plan to ensure I did what I needed to do – even when I didn’t feel like doing the work or when the work was inconvenient?

I kept seeing a challenge on Facebook in my running groups – the Run the Edge 2,015 Miles in 2015 Challenge.  It’s a challenge to run 2,015 miles this year.


Broken down, that’s essentially running a 10K, 6 days per week EVERY week in 2015.  Coach Pam would KILL me!!!  It’s not in the plan – not even close!


But then I looked closer and saw that you could do the challenge with a partner, or with a team… Hmmmm….  A TEAM!!!!

Split 3 ways, that’s 672 miles over 12 months… I ran 573 miles last year – that’s doable.  Again, doing the math, it’s 2.15 miles, 6 days per week, each week in 2015.  THAT, I can manage.

So, I went to my team – the awesome ladies of the Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team and asked if anyone was interested in doing the challenge with me.  Within 5 minutes I had my team – Rebecca Dobbins ( and Rebecca Reynolds (

So, there’s my accountability for reaching my running goals in 2015.  There is no way – barring losing a leg or something – that I would let these two ladies down.

Let’s the mile counting commence!!

What do YOU think?  2,015 miles in 2015?  Is it for you?  Check it out here – there’s even a medal and a t-shirt, if you want!!


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