Happy 2015! Got Goals?

Untitled-1_edited-1HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  It’s hard to wrap my brain around the fact that it’s 2015!!  I will be FIFTY ( that’s 5-0) years old this year!  Crazy!

Earlier this week, I was writing a content piece for one of our online programs about the difference between New Years Resolutions and true goals.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my goals for this upcoming year over the past few months – looking at my personal goals for our family and my athletic endeavors, while being mindful of the balance that needs to be struck with our business – which is, quite frankly, exploding in a major way!  This is why I made the decision to defer Ironman Florida until 2016 – there is just no way to devote the amount of time needed to train for something like that AND manage our household AND give my all to our company – without being a total mental and physical train wreck on the other side.

8356198_sI gave up on New Years Resolutions a long time ago.  It was just another opportunity to wake up on February 1st and feel like an abject failure because I had given up by January 15th!  My New Years Resolutions always centered on giving up something:  Losing weight, quitting smoking, quitting drinking, cutting out sugar/carbs/gluten/dairy/blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…  I HATE giving things up!  And I wondered why I was never able to follow through with my resolutions.

See, there is a basic formula for success in anything in life is:

Success = Burning Desire x Belief x Expectancy x Action

And the thing we have to realize is that if any one of those terms is missing (a 0 on the scale from 0-10), then our chance of success is also ZERO!  I did not have BURNING DESIRE to “give up” things, so that variable was a “0” – the math holds – ZERO chance of success.

34141757_sThe past few years, I ditched resolutions and made real goals!  My goals are about bringing things INTO my life, not removing things from it.  It’s an entirely different consciousness.

Do I still want to lose weight?  Hell yes, I do, but I reframe the goal… Now, it’s about achieving my optimal racing weight so that my performance is optimized, not just about shedding pounds.

Now, most of the time, most of my goals scare the crap out of me, because I have absolutely no clue HOW I an going to achieve them.  But I choose things that I want badly – as badly as I want to breathe.  I BELIEVE I an achieve them and I EXPECT that I will achieve them.  And then, I take ACTION toward them each and every day.

And guess what?  I have achieved pretty much every goal I have set for myself over the past couple of years – baby step by baby step – one day at a time.  As I was setting my goals for 2014, back in the Fall of 2013, I knew I wanted to run a half marathon.  I was not a runner, and when I tried to run I found I was plagued with injuries.  I didn’t know HOW to run or how to train to run properly, so I hired a coach who did know – someone who had already achieved every goal I aspired to in the athletic world.  And workout-by-workout, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by month – with Coach Pam’s help and guidance – I ran my half marathon, and it was awesome.  And then I went on to run a few more AND even my first full marathon last year… I kept moving forward each day until I crossed the finish line.

And that’s what we all have to do, right?  Decide what we want to accomplish… Make it a big, scary, juicy goal so that it inspires us and drives us to keep going… Go as far as we can see and then when we get there we’ll be able to see how to go farther… And never, ever quit!

GCTLogoBeach2Battleship-Iron-Distance-TriathlonIn 2015, my athletic goal is to conquer the half-iron distance triathlon – 70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running.  I’d really like to do it in under 6-1/2 hours – under 6 would be amaze balls!!  I have 2 half-irons on my race schedule, and training starts on Monday.  Just keep moving forward and trust my coach, trust my body, and keep loading the hay in the barn.

I wish you all the happiness, health, abundance, and prosperity you can stand in the New Year!

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