2015 Swim-Bike-Mom Ambassador Team

eat-sleep-runThe past couple of months have gone a lot like this:  RUN – EAT – WORK – EAT – SLEEP – EAT – RUN – EAT – WORK -… you get the idea.

With the Space Coast Marathon going down in only 5 weeks, the mileage is ramping quickly.  My mid-week run was 9 miles this week, for the love…

Yesterday, I did my long run – it was 18 miles!!!  OMG!!

suck-it-upHOW am I supposed to tack another 8.2 miles onto that run in only 35 day?  I just don’t see it!!

Last Saturday, my training program called for me to run 16 miles, so I signed up for a virtual half marathon – why not get the shirt and a medal for my effort?

But enough about my running, running, and more running.  Let’s get to the GOOD stuff!

A couple of weeks ago, Deb and I went to meet with our race gurus, Chris and Brendan, to make some plans for the Remarkable River Racing Series for 2015 (another post for another day, but stay tuned, because it’s going to be really cool and totally in alignment with our company’s mission!! 🙂 ).  When I got home, I checked my phone and had missed a ton of calls.  As I started listening to my voicemail, I heard a familiar voice.

matwoodIt was Meredith Atwood – aka Swim-Bike-Mom – the IronMom Blogger!!!!!

Let me back up just a second…

I have been following Meredith’s Swim Bike Mom blog since shortly after I started training for my first sprint tri last year.  I was immediately attracted to her style – raw, honest, funny, no holds barred – a real person – someone I could relate to as a partner and a mom with a more than full-time career, AND athletic aspirations.

A couple of months ago, Meredith announced that she was forming an “Ambassador Team” for 2015.  The mission of the team is to “embody the Swim Bike Mom spirit of “Just Keep Moving Forward” and who will represent the Swim Bike Mom “Army” across the U.S. during 2015 races.  We want to let all women know that they can be changed through the sport of triathlon Members of the SBMAT must embody a positive attitude, determination, excellent sportsmanship, and a love for the sport of triathlon.”


There was an application process, so as soon as I read about the team I filled out the application and submitted it.  It was like 10pm and I was headed to bed and really just kind of stream of consciousness threw up all over the form, telling my story of transformation through triathlon.

Later, I came to learn that over 250 other women had applied for just a handful of positions on the team – Man, I wanted to yank back my application and put some real time into it, but too late for that.  So I was not terribly surprised when, a few weeks ago, Meredith announced the 2015 team and my name was not on the list.  But the women who DID make the team?  Wow, they all have INCREDIBLE stories!

So, back to Wednesday afternoon.  Meredith is on my voicemail – I almost fell off my chair.  There was something about the team, asking me to call her, I didn’t hear much after that.

So, I called her back.  She told me that one of the ladies had to back out of the team because of family issues and that she hadn’t intended to fill her spot, but I was the 1st alternate (story of my life) and she re-read my application and knew she wanted me to be a part of the team.

WOW!  I was floored!  I was ecstatic!  But mostly I was honored to be offered the opportunity to give something back to a sport that has given me so, so much!

sbm-ambassadorSo, I am a member of the 2015 Swim Bike Mom Ambassador Team!

What does that mean?

sbm-tri-kitWell, for starters I will be wearing this super HAWT tri kit at every race in 2015 – Deb told me last month that I needed a brighter, more distinctive kit so she could pick me out on the bike.  Think this qualifies?

I might get a call to race in a local race to represent the team (must stay in good shape, must stay in good shape).

But mostly, I just get to keep spreading the word that triathlon has room for everyone – it’s not just for the Crowie’s and the Rinny’s of the world – anyone can be a triathlete!  It just takes the desire and the will to do the work (and being just a little insane helps too).

To say I am excited about 2015 is an understatement!!