Next Stop… Melbourne (Florida)

bib-proofHoly Cannoli what a summer it has been!!  Back in the Spring we decided it would be a fun fund-raising opportunity for our domestic abuse prevention initiative to organize a 5K race.  It really did seem like an awesome idea at the time! Who knew what an incredible amount of work went into putting on a quality race!  Happily, we had the most bombdiddly awesome race director known to man (or woman) in Chris Batista of 5K Race Director/Run 4 A Cause!  The Remarkable River Run 5K went off without a hitch this past Saturday.  We had nearly 300 runners come out to run in the rain and support this amazing cause!  It was such a heartwarming, gratifying experience that we have decided to organize additional event in 2015 – not sure what, but it’s looking like maybe a 5K/15K (or half marathon) combo in the Spring and then a Sprint triathlon or a Duathlon in the Fall.  We have a retreat scheduled next week to decide.

2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 055Then in July, of course, it was karate, karate, and more karate, culminating in my test for black belt on July 26th.  Whew, was I ever glad to have that behind me.

But, no rest for the wicked!  August was slam packed with events and triathlon training.  On a business front, we had a number of large appearances, the biggest being Deb training a group of over 6,000 consultants at Ambit Energy’s national convention, AMBITION 2014, in Dallas. That was a blast, but took a Herculean feat of coordination to pull off.

Ambition2014 2014-08-28 079      Ambition2014 2014-08-28 040

Triathlon training had me back in the pool for the first time in a year – and boy, did it ever show!  YIKES!  Swimming is definitely a “use it or lose it” endeavor!

battle-bridgesThe Battle of the Bridges Olympic Distance Triathlon is this coming Sunday (9/28) in Melbourne, Florida.  It’s a 1 mile swim in the Indian River, a 26+ mile bike on a looped course that traverses 3 different bridges, and a 6.2 mile run.  I was scared to death about the swim, but my buddy, Rich, has taken me out in the river here several times and my anxiety level is much, much lower.

My goal is to finish the entire event in under 3 hours – we’ll see…

left_2bAnd again, no break in sight.  I return on Monday morning to be thrown right into the heart of marathon training.  The distance will build quickly through mid-November and then taper through Space Coast Marathon on 11/30.  That will be my last event in 2014.

2015 will be fun – haven’t decided exactly where yet, but a half-iron triathlon is definitely on my radar screen.  Stay tuned…

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