Time Flies!! Updates and Other Stuff…

9772308_sOmigosh!  How can it be over a month since I’ve posted!  Bad blogger, BAD!!

Unlike previous summers, this one has not been quiet.  We have been so incredibly busy that is has been hard to breathe some days.  I have needed to pull numerous all-nighters to meet deadlines.  Of course, those are all excuses, so whatever…

So, what’s happening in Angie’s world?

Well, I essentially took the month of July off from structured triathlon training to focus solely on karate, which was great!

I did run the Solar-Fit/Team RWB Firecracker 4-miler on July 4th and placed 2nd in my age group and averaged an 8:46 mile, which was nice.

2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 055Last Saturday, I finally tested for my black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate.  All I can say is that it was every bit as hard as I thought it would be!!  Holy Cow!!

August is a crazy month in our business.  Deb is keynoting the United Way’s Power of the Purse Luncheon this week, then we have a local workshop next week, then another speaking event for the CVB and then, the grand finale, is Deb’s presentation to ~8,000 consultants of Ambit Energy in Dallas on 8/29!

PLUS, were only 7 weeks out from the Remarkable River Run 5K that we are organizing to raise money to fight domestic and family violence.

It’s been a real learning experience planning and organizing a race.  There are so many moving parts that we just don’t appreciate when we just RUN the race.  It really does take an army of people to bring it all together!

I’m excited to meet with Coach Pam on Friday and get my training plan to carry me through the end of November and the Space Coast Marathon!

I have so much work to do between now and then!!

So, my goals for the remainder of the year:

1.  Finish the Battle of the Bridges Triathlon (Olympic Distance) in under 3 hours

2.  Run a sub 10 min mile average marathon at Space Coast and finish in under 4.5 hours

3.  Drop 15#

4.  Drink 120 oz of water per day


I may be readjusting my timeline for Ironman FL to 2016 and focus on getting a Half Ironman or two under my belt in 2015, plus testing for my 1st degree black belt – if all the stars align, but I’m not quite ready to call that ball just yet.  We’ll see.

More Blackbelt Promotion Pics:

2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 016  2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 018  2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 040  2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 043

2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 048  2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 053  2014-07-25 001 2014-07-25 054

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