Filling in the Fall

battle-bridgesMy friend, Rich, and I both started in the sport of triathlon last year.  My 2nd tri was his 1st last November.  We are both passionate about the sport and enjoy bantering about the various aspects of training and such.

my-footI may be the stronger runner, but he has a sweet, fast bike and has been swimming with a Masters group for almost a year now and is GOOD!  And he’s fearless when it comes to open water – unlike your’s truly, who looks more like the horse in the picture!

Since my very much planned triathlon training hiatus began in early March, I have been having trouble maintaining the necessary motivation to work out on the bike and run.  I did have an epic trainer ride back in March, but mostly it’s just been blah – and very much when I felt like it, because there was no immediate end game.  That’s not cool!

I KNOW I train better with a goal to stretch for – and other than my blackbelt test in July (which I have been training for vigorously), I don’t have one.  Ironman Florida in 2015 is too far away to be anything more than just terrifying.

So, yesterday when Rich pinged me on Facebook and said “Find us an Olympic Distance Tri for the Fall” I got to work and found the Battle of the Bridges Triathlon in Melbourne on September 28th.

This will be a fantastic way to wrap up our Remarkable River Run 5K that will be held on September 20th – the weekend before!

The swim is a 1500m intercoastal swim; the bike is a tad over 40km that goes mainland and beachside; and the run is a 10km mainland loop with a hint of bridge in it.

BBT-swim     BBT-bike        BBT-run

I can’t wait!!  This will be a great goal to return from blackbelt testing and jump on.  I’m in Ormond Beach at Masters Swim at 5:30am on Monday, July 28th!

And it will be even more fun to race with a friend!!

See, I told you he had a sweet bike!!

See, I told you he had a sweet bike!!


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