Re-focusing on the Basics

focusWOW!  Deb and I just returned from a quick 5 day vacation.  I call it our “unplugged vacation” because we took our cellphones, but didn’t turn them off and kept them in the hotel safe, there were no tablets, computers, internet, social media, texting, or any electronic media at all.

I’ll be honest, I was really nervous that I would spend so much time obsessing over what I was “missing” in cyberspace that I would miss out on vacation!  But happily, that’s not what happened.  I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to unplug.

So in the absence of electronics there was a lot of real, live, interactive, interpersonal communication that went on.  Yes, we talked, and planned, and strategized, and walked, and swam, and had a tremendous time just being engaged with each other!

We ate and drank what we wanted.  I actually had one mixed drink each day – it was awesome.  I did not, however, drink any wine.  I believe wine is a trigger for me and one glass leads to a bottle.  I don’t have that problem with mixed drinks – one is just fine!

The first day I really just blew it out foodwise.  I enjoyed what I ate, but it was nowhere near gluten-free or dairy-free.  At the end of the night I felt awful!  I had stomach cramps and was so bloated.  Even though I enjoyed the food in the moment, it wasn’t worth how terrible I felt afterward.  So, the rest of our trip I stayed almost entirely GFCF and I enjoyed myself so much more!

One of the things Deb and I talked about was the fact that we have a couple of pretty major things going on this summer.  My blackbelt test is on July 26th and that will be a really huge physical and mental test for me and I will need to be at my very best.  At the end of August Deb is doing a training for several thousand people at a national convention and she is determined to be at her physical best.  After my blackbelt test I also have my sights set on running a marathon in December or January and as I start training I’d like to be ahead of the game and not starting from ground zero.

So, as of yesterday we recommitted to focusing on the basics:  Clean, gluten-free, dairy-free eating, no alcohol at all, 1 cup of coffee on Saturday and Sunday only, 6 workouts per week (for me that means weighlifting on Monday and Friday, cycling on the trainer on Tuesday, the blackbelt physical on Wednesday, running on Thursday, and then a long run or a long bike on Saturdays (alternating activities each week)), 2 karate workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays – one AM and one PM – and modified free days – we will have a treat in the morning, but the rest of the day won’t be much different than any other day (except that there may be a bit more of it in order to spike calories).1-pushup-challenge

Today is Day 2 and I feel great.

OH, by the way, today is Day 20 of the 100 Pushup/100 Situp daily challenge.  I haven’t missed a single day.  I started the month pushing out sets of 10 of each, now I’m easily pushing out sets of 25 and I even did 2 sets of 50 while on vacation.  So I know I’ve gotten stronger.  I’m looking forward to seeing how all these pushups translate into by quest for 10 pullups!!

T-minus 67 days until my Karate Blackbelt Test – OMG!!!

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