And In My Spare Time…

1-pushup-challengeI know, I know, we’re all so busy, busy, busy!!

I feel like life has taken on this new momentum – like I’ve fallen in a fast moving river and I’m at the mercy of the current!

I’m training for blackbelt testing, plus I’m doing my tri-training (more of a maintenance thing than a build), work is out of hand, I seem to somehow have grown a middle-schooler (I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one), I’m organizing a 5K for our charity, I’m trying desperately to sleep 7-8 hours per night, and then there’s my personal life – all to fit into a nice, tight, 24 hour day, just like everyone else in the world.

I don’t say that to complain.  On the contrary, I LOVE my life and I LOVE what I do every day, but once in a while it all gets a little overwhelming.

So, what do I do when things get overwhelming?  Throw gas on the flame, of course!!

And so I bring you the 31 Days of May Pushup and Situp Challenge.

Every day in the month of May, I have committed to doing 100 pushups and 100 situps.

When I announced my intention last night on Facebook and asked if anyone wanted to join me, I was thrilled that there were a bunch of takers!!

We’re all going to post our results and hold each other accountable – it’s awesomeness in action!!

So, this morning, I popped out of bed at 4 am and got a 90 minute trainer ride and my 100 pushups/situps in the books before 7am!

Are you in?



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