Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

omg-omg-moments-28947388-800-554 (1)OH. MY. GAWD!!!!  What have I done?

As some of you may know, my company has a domestic violence awareness initiative where we use our book, Remarkable Courage, as a vehicle to break the cycle of domestic abuse.  It’s super cool and is making a huge difference in our community and you can get more info at www.remarkablecommunities.com if you’re interested.

So, what does this have to do with swim-bike-run?

Well, during one of our recent brainstorming sessions, we decided that organizing a 5K run would be an awesome way to raise money for local organizations who provide resources and healing to the survivors of domestic abuse situations.

And, as the resident runner/athlete (and I use those terms in their broadest possible sense), I am the obvious choice to be the Race Director…



I am a hot mess on my best day and the organization that is required to pull this off is not my strong suit!!

But, truly, it is an awesome idea, and the running community is so strong here in Florida – I just know that if we do it right, it will be a huge success, so of course, I said “Let’s do it!”

overwhelmedI am absolutely certain that my inability to say no to a challenge is surely the result of damage sustained by my mother dropping me on my head when I was an infant or some other trauma!  WHAT. THE. HELL???

Oh sure, I’ll just organize a freaking inaugural road race in my spare time.  Right!!

Anyone know of a Couch to 5K Race Director Plan I can look up?

The more I peel away the layers of this particular onion, the more I just want to cry!  I had no clue how many moving parts there are to a simple 5K.

This is a reminder to be more grateful and show more appreciation to the people involved in the races in which I actually participate!

So, in addition to my job, and training for my black belt test, and swim-bike-running, and being a mom, and a partner, I guess you can add “Race Director” in too.

(God, someone hand me a paper bag to either breathe into or throw up in)

We have our first committee meeting this morning to get the wheels turning.  I think I have some great people on this committee – people with BTDT knowledge.  Hopefully, they can make me look good!

Meanwhile, anyone know how to get on the City Council agenda?

(God, shoot me now!!)

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