I’ve Been in a Funk…

lazyFor the past couple of weeks I found myself in a funk.

Not about life in general – actually I have been very engaged and happy in life – but about training…

Every run has felt like a slog through mud.  Every cycling workout is just miles to nowhere.

I don’t feel like they really have any purpose.

I think it’s because I am focused on 2 main things right now – my upcoming blackbelt test in July and my business.

Karate is going quite well.  I can feel progress from class to class.  Every week when I do the blackbelt physical, it is better.

I can finally hold that stinking tricep hold that has plagued my existence for 4-1/2 years for the required 2 minutes (and then some).

My club and knife defense (while still pretty sad and pathetic in the grand scheme of things) gets better every day.


Our business continues to explode – it’s really so much fun to watch.

I take great pride in being a part of something that is making such a positive impact on our clients and on the world as a whole.


And yet, on my road to Ironman, I am marking time…

I’m running and cycling in maintenance mode… I’m waiting for the pool and the ocean to warm up so I can swim…

There are no upcoming races on the schedule between now and December, although Coach Pam wants a marathon in there somewhere.

I can’t think beyond July 26th right now.

multi13I talked to Deb about my feelings – she is my Coach when it comes to my life – and she said this is to be expected.  Multi-tasking is a myth!

If I attempt to give my full training focus to karate AND to Ironman right now, I will just fail miserably at both.

There has to be a primary focus that drives you.

With a full race calendar, each event provides the needed motivation to swim, to bike, and to run.  The focus is on preparation for the next event.

My “next event” is my blackbelt test.  I’ve been building to July 26, 2014 since January 5, 2010.  It would be foolishness to take my eye of that prize.

You know, multi-tasking really is just the ability to screw up multiple things at the same time.

500px-I'm_back_baby!So, I will plod on. I will run and I will bike and I will maintain.

I will hone my karate and I will make certain that my blackbelt test is everything I have built it up in my mind to be for the past 4+ years (I’m the only one who can do that) – I refuse to walk away from  that day with regret or knowing that I held something back.  I fully intend to leave it all on the mats.



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