Got My Mind On My Money…



… And my money on my mind.”

I started this whole triathlon, swim/bike/run thing almost a year ago (April 17th to be exact, but who’s counting) when I was laying in bed reading a copy of Fitness magazine and saw an article that laid out a 12-week training program to race a sprint triathlon.

I rolled over and asked Deb, “Hey, want to do a triathlon with me?” She replied, “No, but you should do it.”

The next morning I registered for the Endless Summer Sprint Triathlon that was scheduled for July 14th.  The registration fee was $75.  The rest, as they say, is history.

To actually participate in that event, I made the following purchases:

  • Running shoes ($125)
  • A triathlon suit ($75)
  • Goggles x 2 ($50)
  • A training swim suit ($80)
  • Body glide by the case ($30)
  • 2 bike tuneups ($150)
  • Race belt ($10)
  • 3 pairs of ear buds ($75)
  • Running shirts/shorts/socks ($100)

Grand total with registration fee: $770

That was my first clue that the registration fee is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial commitment involved in being a triathlete – and that was just a race that was being held 6 miles from my house!

Now I am starting to put together a race schedule for August, 2014 – November, 2015, and it is just a little bit frightening – and I’m just talking about the entry fees!

feesRock & Roll Savannah Marathon:  $95
Diva Half Marathon:  $75
Dopey Challenge (Disney Marathon Weekend):  $530
Florida 70.3:  $199
Ironman Florida:  $700

That’s over $1,600 in entry fees alone and only figures in the A-list races, not the myriad of other 5Ks, half marathons, sprint and olympic triathlons I would like to do along the way.

Destination races require transportation and lodging and meals.  I will need a triathlon bike for FL 70.3 and IM-FL.

I think I am easily looking at over $10,000 in race-related expenses over the next 18 months.

So, it’s time to get busy and put together a plan for making this dream a reality.

This is MY baby and I have to figure out a way to pay for it, so figure it out I shall.

Anyone want to sponsor a slow, middle-aged wanna-be Ironman? 😉

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