On The Road To Nowhere

CC 2012 What Bicycling Feels LikeI’ve been feeling an old, familiar itch for a couple of weeks now – the itch to take a nice, long bike ride.

A couple of days ago, I said “What the Heck” and planned a long trainer ride for Thursday (yesterday) morning.

Generally, I would prefer to ride outside, but there are a couple of things that factored into my decision to ride on the trainer.

First, I needed to start WAY before 0-dark-thirty to get in the miles before work and I don’t ride in the dark – I don’t have the proper equipment.

Second, it’s Bike Week here in the Daytona Beach Area, and you couldn’t pay me to get on the road with the crazy motorcycle people!

So, trainer ride it was!

In the back of my mind, I had a huge goal, but was unsure if I could actually pull it off.

IMFLbikemapCould I actually ride the Ironman distance of 112 miles on my trainer?

I had no doubt that I could ride that distance – I’ve gone farther before – but on the trainer?  That’s not just a physical test, it’s a brutal mental test!


My awesome SBM tech shirt. It makes me Superwoman!!

So, yesterday morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m., pulled on my bike shorts and my new, snazzy Swim-Bike-Mom shirt, set up my “office,” loaded up Season 1 of Stargate- SG-1 in the DVD player, and set up my nutrition for the morning (a box of AdvoCare Rehydrate Gels and 4 water bottles full of Shaklee Performance), and at 5:15 a.m., I started pedaling.



As an aside, my Garmin and I simply MUST have a talk… I went for about 9 minutes and realized I had forgotten something so, I paused my watch, hopped off to get it, came back and rode for another probably 15 minutes, and then figured out that I hadn’t restarted my watch!  ARGH!!!  Oh well, bonus miles!

The ride went great through about 65 miles.  I was hydrated.  I was fueling with gels every 45 minutes or so, and my legs felt good.  But my -uhm, “lady parts” – were another story!  “The Queen” (as dubbed by our Triathlon FB group) was screaming at me – issuing her royal edict to dismount that cruel torture device!

My left foot was also cycling between aching and falling asleep, so I took the opportunity to create an imaginary “aid station.”  I got off the bike, went to the bathroom, ate some egg salad and crackers, walked around, took off my shoes and let the blood flow back to the parts of me that were numb.

IMAG0051Then it was back on the bike for the most grueling 47 miles of my short cycling life!

By the century mark, I was seriously wondering if I had 12 more miles in me.  My rear end hurt so bad and I couldn’t find any position on the saddle that alleviated the discomfort.  “The Queen” had long since gone numb, which was something of a relief.  12 more miles – only 36-ish minutes to go.  Surely I could do that…

Of course I could do that – what will I do at the 100 mile point in IM-FL?  Just stop, get off my bike and quit?  NO!!  I will keep pedaling and finish what I started!

Which is exactly what I did.  It was awful, brutal, certainly something I don’t recommend, unless you are a masochist.



But I did it!!  112 miles in under 6 hours (moving time).  In truth it took me a tad over 7 hours to complete, when you account for my “aid” stops (the one above, and the quick hops off the bike to change DVDs).  There was also some business texting that went on and I can’t pedal and text at the same time.

It was very gratifying to know that I can still do that distance with the limited amount of bike training I’ve been doing.  However, I do not know how on EARTH I’m supposed to run a marathon after that.

Baby steps… I have well over a year to figure that out.


The aftermath

The Garmin report is not pretty, but if you are interested here’s the link.

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