What’s the Opportunity that THIS is?

opportunity2My livelihood centers on peak performance and mindset coaching, so I have been trained to look at everything from a “glass half full” perspective.

I work very hard to see the opportunity in situations rather than the obstacle.

Easy to do with clients, not so easy to do in my own life!

I have noticed that ever since the half marathon, I am just not “into” training.  I took 3 days off last week following the half, I didn’t run at all until the 5K on Saturday, I knocked out a half-hearted trainer ride on Friday and did a leisurely 7 mile ride to pick up my car on Sunday.

I was all psyched to jump out of bed on Monday morning raring to leap into focused martial arts training for the next 4 months, but it didn’t happen.

Yes, I’ve done my workouts, but other than the actual karate classes I feel out of focus, drifting without a destination… And I do not like it!

I know that I always perform better when I have a plan.  But Ironman -FL 2015 is 20 months away, and although it is a gargantuan goal, for sure, I just can’t get all ginned up about training for it yet.

So I voiced my concerns to my coach.  I told her I feel kind of lost and I’m not sure what to do about that.  She said it was 100% normal after a big event.

And then I remembered a post Swim-Bike-Mom did on the subject.  She called it “Post-Race Crabbies”.  Whatever you call it, it’s not fun and I don’t like feeling like a boat without a rudder.

dopey-challenge-graphicSo, in my infinite wisdom, I asked Pam to help me come up with a new goal.

Understanding that I can’t put in a huge volume of training hours until August, could we work strength and speed goals until then and then ramp up the mileage volume in the Fall, possibly working toward a full marathon in early 2015?

She shot back that mine was a fine goal, but what she thought would be a BETTER goal would be to run a full marathon in November or December THIS year and then run the Dopey Challenge in January, 2015!

tumblr_m6409bW3pa1rwcc6bo1_500Queue “What ‘Choo Talkin’ Bout, Willis?”

48.6 miles in 4 days – NO WAY!!!!  But then of course my competitive side pops up and says, “Why NOT?”

So, I have my marching orders… Find a fun marathon for the end of the year and sign up for the Dopey Challenge when registration opens at NOON on April 22, 2014!!  I have it scheduled in my calendar!

OH.MY.GOD!!!  Here we go again!!!!

I am all for setting BIG, unrealistic, super-stretch goals, but 2015 looks CRAZY!!!  If it doesn’t kill me, it will definitely make me stronger!

Look at all the pretty medals!!!!

Look at all the pretty medals!!!!

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