Race Recap: ColorVibe 5K – Daytona Beach


CV-forecastParticipating in a “color run” has been on my bucket list for a while now.  I’m not sure why.  I mean, I don’t particularly like getting dirty and I sweat like a pig when I run, so I was destined to look a “hot mess” at the end as the sweat and colored cornstarch blended, but still… I just wanted to do one.

So, I did!

The ColorVibe 5K made a stop in Daytona Beach on Saturday, March 1st, and it was a super fun run!

There are no timers, no finisher’s medals, no age group placements – it’s just running for the sheer love of it and to look like a rainbow vomited all over you at the end.

There was a stage with a DJ and great, loud music, and a mosh pit, and about 2,500 of my closest friends getting ready to rock!  It was a very high energy crowd!

There were, again, A LOT of tutus.  What’s the deal with running in tutus?  I just don’t get it…cv-b4

I went to the race with my team – Freddie, Cathy, Joanne, and Ann.  They were planning to walk the route and I was going to run.

cv-b42Deb’s dad is in town and we were planning to have “Thanksgiving” dinner on Saturday afternoon since we couldn’t all be together in November, so I had a tight window to maneuver through to get back home and prep the turkey.

As time for the start came, I made my way to the front, so I could start in the first wave.

The horn sounded and off we went through a color cannon – I think it was green.

We weaved around City Island and over a narrow footbridge, which really clogged things up.  You couldn’t pass and lots of people were walking, so just had to be patient.  Once we got out on Beach Street it was a bit more manageable.

We turned right and started up the International Speedway Blvd. bridge that goes over the Halifax River.

It was only a 5K, but I felt really strong and light on my feet and was passing people left and right.  More color stations and a right turn on Peninsula.  Passing more people.

As I turned onto Silver Beach to the finish there was no one (that I could see) in front of me.  This has NEVER happened before.

I know I wasn’t “first,” but literally I was leading my pack – it was kinda cool.

Once back on City Island, more color stations – that really laid it on thick because it was almost the end (pink this time) – I had difficulty following the route – I turned around and the girl behind me and I kind of guessed our way back to the finish line.

I looked at my Garmin as I crossed… 24:40 – a full minute faster than my last 5K in November – even with the walking people and getting “lost.”  I’ll take it!!

I had finished, but the rest of my group hadn’t even started yet!  That footbridge was causing such a bottleneck that the race people were only letting small waves go at a time…

colorvibe1As more and more people finished, the dance party started.

I must confess, I felt just a tad old.  I was not very interested in playing in the mosh pit, so I watched.  A young man came up to me and said, “I just want to give you a high five.  I was trying to catch you all the way from the bridge!”  Now, THAT was awesome!!!

I waited for my group for a while, but time was getting critical, so I borrowed a cellphone and asked Deb to meet me on Peninsula between City Island and home and I started running home.  I ended up running another 3+ miles before we met each other – BONUS WORKOUT!!!!

The ColorVibe 5K was very fun and I’m glad I ran in it.  Not sure I have any desire to do another color run, but I’m game for most anything once.


If you run a color run, be sure to put leave-in conditioner in your hair beforehand – especially if you have light hair – stuff stains!!! 🙂

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