I’ve Been in a Funk…

lazyFor the past couple of weeks I found myself in a funk.

Not about life in general – actually I have been very engaged and happy in life – but about training…

Every run has felt like a slog through mud.  Every cycling workout is just miles to nowhere.

I don’t feel like they really have any purpose.

I think it’s because I am focused on 2 main things right now – my upcoming blackbelt test in July and my business.

Karate is going quite well.  I can feel progress from class to class.  Every week when I do the blackbelt physical, it is better.

I can finally hold that stinking tricep hold that has plagued my existence for 4-1/2 years for the required 2 minutes (and then some).

My club and knife defense (while still pretty sad and pathetic in the grand scheme of things) gets better every day.


Our business continues to explode – it’s really so much fun to watch.

I take great pride in being a part of something that is making such a positive impact on our clients and on the world as a whole.


And yet, on my road to Ironman, I am marking time…

I’m running and cycling in maintenance mode… I’m waiting for the pool and the ocean to warm up so I can swim…

There are no upcoming races on the schedule between now and December, although Coach Pam wants a marathon in there somewhere.

I can’t think beyond July 26th right now.

multi13I talked to Deb about my feelings – she is my Coach when it comes to my life – and she said this is to be expected.  Multi-tasking is a myth!

If I attempt to give my full training focus to karate AND to Ironman right now, I will just fail miserably at both.

There has to be a primary focus that drives you.

With a full race calendar, each event provides the needed motivation to swim, to bike, and to run.  The focus is on preparation for the next event.

My “next event” is my blackbelt test.  I’ve been building to July 26, 2014 since January 5, 2010.  It would be foolishness to take my eye of that prize.

You know, multi-tasking really is just the ability to screw up multiple things at the same time.

500px-I'm_back_baby!So, I will plod on. I will run and I will bike and I will maintain.

I will hone my karate and I will make certain that my blackbelt test is everything I have built it up in my mind to be for the past 4+ years (I’m the only one who can do that) – I refuse to walk away from  that day with regret or knowing that I held something back.  I fully intend to leave it all on the mats.



Got My Mind On My Money…



… And my money on my mind.”

I started this whole triathlon, swim/bike/run thing almost a year ago (April 17th to be exact, but who’s counting) when I was laying in bed reading a copy of Fitness magazine and saw an article that laid out a 12-week training program to race a sprint triathlon.

I rolled over and asked Deb, “Hey, want to do a triathlon with me?” She replied, “No, but you should do it.”

The next morning I registered for the Endless Summer Sprint Triathlon that was scheduled for July 14th.  The registration fee was $75.  The rest, as they say, is history.

To actually participate in that event, I made the following purchases:

  • Running shoes ($125)
  • A triathlon suit ($75)
  • Goggles x 2 ($50)
  • A training swim suit ($80)
  • Body glide by the case ($30)
  • 2 bike tuneups ($150)
  • Race belt ($10)
  • 3 pairs of ear buds ($75)
  • Running shirts/shorts/socks ($100)

Grand total with registration fee: $770

That was my first clue that the registration fee is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial commitment involved in being a triathlete – and that was just a race that was being held 6 miles from my house!

Now I am starting to put together a race schedule for August, 2014 – November, 2015, and it is just a little bit frightening – and I’m just talking about the entry fees!

feesRock & Roll Savannah Marathon:  $95
Diva Half Marathon:  $75
Dopey Challenge (Disney Marathon Weekend):  $530
Florida 70.3:  $199
Ironman Florida:  $700

That’s over $1,600 in entry fees alone and only figures in the A-list races, not the myriad of other 5Ks, half marathons, sprint and olympic triathlons I would like to do along the way.

Destination races require transportation and lodging and meals.  I will need a triathlon bike for FL 70.3 and IM-FL.

I think I am easily looking at over $10,000 in race-related expenses over the next 18 months.

So, it’s time to get busy and put together a plan for making this dream a reality.

This is MY baby and I have to figure out a way to pay for it, so figure it out I shall.

Anyone want to sponsor a slow, middle-aged wanna-be Ironman? 😉

On The Road To Nowhere

CC 2012 What Bicycling Feels LikeI’ve been feeling an old, familiar itch for a couple of weeks now – the itch to take a nice, long bike ride.

A couple of days ago, I said “What the Heck” and planned a long trainer ride for Thursday (yesterday) morning.

Generally, I would prefer to ride outside, but there are a couple of things that factored into my decision to ride on the trainer.

First, I needed to start WAY before 0-dark-thirty to get in the miles before work and I don’t ride in the dark – I don’t have the proper equipment.

Second, it’s Bike Week here in the Daytona Beach Area, and you couldn’t pay me to get on the road with the crazy motorcycle people!

So, trainer ride it was!

In the back of my mind, I had a huge goal, but was unsure if I could actually pull it off.

IMFLbikemapCould I actually ride the Ironman distance of 112 miles on my trainer?

I had no doubt that I could ride that distance – I’ve gone farther before – but on the trainer?  That’s not just a physical test, it’s a brutal mental test!


My awesome SBM tech shirt. It makes me Superwoman!!

So, yesterday morning I woke up at 4:30 a.m., pulled on my bike shorts and my new, snazzy Swim-Bike-Mom shirt, set up my “office,” loaded up Season 1 of Stargate- SG-1 in the DVD player, and set up my nutrition for the morning (a box of AdvoCare Rehydrate Gels and 4 water bottles full of Shaklee Performance), and at 5:15 a.m., I started pedaling.



As an aside, my Garmin and I simply MUST have a talk… I went for about 9 minutes and realized I had forgotten something so, I paused my watch, hopped off to get it, came back and rode for another probably 15 minutes, and then figured out that I hadn’t restarted my watch!  ARGH!!!  Oh well, bonus miles!

The ride went great through about 65 miles.  I was hydrated.  I was fueling with gels every 45 minutes or so, and my legs felt good.  But my -uhm, “lady parts” – were another story!  “The Queen” (as dubbed by our Triathlon FB group) was screaming at me – issuing her royal edict to dismount that cruel torture device!

My left foot was also cycling between aching and falling asleep, so I took the opportunity to create an imaginary “aid station.”  I got off the bike, went to the bathroom, ate some egg salad and crackers, walked around, took off my shoes and let the blood flow back to the parts of me that were numb.

IMAG0051Then it was back on the bike for the most grueling 47 miles of my short cycling life!

By the century mark, I was seriously wondering if I had 12 more miles in me.  My rear end hurt so bad and I couldn’t find any position on the saddle that alleviated the discomfort.  “The Queen” had long since gone numb, which was something of a relief.  12 more miles – only 36-ish minutes to go.  Surely I could do that…

Of course I could do that – what will I do at the 100 mile point in IM-FL?  Just stop, get off my bike and quit?  NO!!  I will keep pedaling and finish what I started!

Which is exactly what I did.  It was awful, brutal, certainly something I don’t recommend, unless you are a masochist.



But I did it!!  112 miles in under 6 hours (moving time).  In truth it took me a tad over 7 hours to complete, when you account for my “aid” stops (the one above, and the quick hops off the bike to change DVDs).  There was also some business texting that went on and I can’t pedal and text at the same time.

It was very gratifying to know that I can still do that distance with the limited amount of bike training I’ve been doing.  However, I do not know how on EARTH I’m supposed to run a marathon after that.

Baby steps… I have well over a year to figure that out.


The aftermath

The Garmin report is not pretty, but if you are interested here’s the link.

No Wine-ing

tootI just have to toot my own horn for a second (as if I don’t already do enough of that on this blog 🙂 )!

It has been 10 months to the day since I have had a glass of wine – or a thimble of wine for that matter.

Now that might not sound like a big deal to some of you out there, but anyone who has known me for any length of time knows what a HUGE thing this is for me!

I’m not saying I was/am an alcoholic, because honestly, I don’t think I am.  I have never had an issue with hard liquor or beer, but wine has been a weakness for most of my adult life.

And that, in and of itself, is not a bad thing.  I mean, red wine (my particular favorite was a nice dry Cabernet Sauvignon) has a number of health properties, so having a glass every once in a while may actually prove beneficial.

Except that I could never just stop at one glass.  For me, it was the bottle or why bother…

Back in my previous life, I would drink a bottle of wine more nights than not each week.  If my husband was out of the house, I drank wine.  It makes me very sad to think about the example that set for my son in his very early life.

It was a bad path…

Then, I met Deb and started down my current path and wine was an indulgence for Free Days only.  And indulge I did!!  Keep the food, on Free Days I wanted a nice bottle of Kenwood Cab – all for ME!!!!

Then last year, I got the notion to register for a triathlon and I decided that I was going to train hard and eat clean for the 90+ days leading up to the event.

no-wineAnd THEN I decided that this would be the perfect time to quit drinking my beloved wine – although my intention was to just stop until after the triathlon.

Monday, May 6, 2013, was the first day of my new lifestyle.

nervousIt was hard at first, I am NOT gonna lie!!

About 30 days in, Deb and I went to our favorite oceanfront restaurant and we ordered our favorite appetizers and she ordered a glass of wine – at my urging.  After all, what good was it to not drink in the vacuum of my home where there was no temptation.  I had to be able to function in social situations and handle the “peer pressure” of others drinking around me.

As time went on it got easier and easier.  The triathlon came and went and Deb and I went on a vacation and I made the advance decision that if I really, really wanted a glass of wine, I would have one.

The funny thing is, I never REALLY wanted one, so I didn’t have any.

Then came another triathlon – so I just kept on not drinking.

Then a half marathon, so I kept going…

funny-pictures-i-haz-a-proudAnd today it is March 6, 2014 and it has been 10 months since I have had even a sip of wine.

I am proud of that fact.  I am proud that the example I am setting for my son is of health and fitness and setting big, huge crazy goals and then figuring out a way to make them my reality.  THAT is a legacy to be proud of.

So, I think I’ll keep going!

What’s the Opportunity that THIS is?

opportunity2My livelihood centers on peak performance and mindset coaching, so I have been trained to look at everything from a “glass half full” perspective.

I work very hard to see the opportunity in situations rather than the obstacle.

Easy to do with clients, not so easy to do in my own life!

I have noticed that ever since the half marathon, I am just not “into” training.  I took 3 days off last week following the half, I didn’t run at all until the 5K on Saturday, I knocked out a half-hearted trainer ride on Friday and did a leisurely 7 mile ride to pick up my car on Sunday.

I was all psyched to jump out of bed on Monday morning raring to leap into focused martial arts training for the next 4 months, but it didn’t happen.

Yes, I’ve done my workouts, but other than the actual karate classes I feel out of focus, drifting without a destination… And I do not like it!

I know that I always perform better when I have a plan.  But Ironman -FL 2015 is 20 months away, and although it is a gargantuan goal, for sure, I just can’t get all ginned up about training for it yet.

So I voiced my concerns to my coach.  I told her I feel kind of lost and I’m not sure what to do about that.  She said it was 100% normal after a big event.

And then I remembered a post Swim-Bike-Mom did on the subject.  She called it “Post-Race Crabbies”.  Whatever you call it, it’s not fun and I don’t like feeling like a boat without a rudder.

dopey-challenge-graphicSo, in my infinite wisdom, I asked Pam to help me come up with a new goal.

Understanding that I can’t put in a huge volume of training hours until August, could we work strength and speed goals until then and then ramp up the mileage volume in the Fall, possibly working toward a full marathon in early 2015?

She shot back that mine was a fine goal, but what she thought would be a BETTER goal would be to run a full marathon in November or December THIS year and then run the Dopey Challenge in January, 2015!

tumblr_m6409bW3pa1rwcc6bo1_500Queue “What ‘Choo Talkin’ Bout, Willis?”

48.6 miles in 4 days – NO WAY!!!!  But then of course my competitive side pops up and says, “Why NOT?”

So, I have my marching orders… Find a fun marathon for the end of the year and sign up for the Dopey Challenge when registration opens at NOON on April 22, 2014!!  I have it scheduled in my calendar!

OH.MY.GOD!!!  Here we go again!!!!

I am all for setting BIG, unrealistic, super-stretch goals, but 2015 looks CRAZY!!!  If it doesn’t kill me, it will definitely make me stronger!

Look at all the pretty medals!!!!

Look at all the pretty medals!!!!

Race Recap: ColorVibe 5K – Daytona Beach


CV-forecastParticipating in a “color run” has been on my bucket list for a while now.  I’m not sure why.  I mean, I don’t particularly like getting dirty and I sweat like a pig when I run, so I was destined to look a “hot mess” at the end as the sweat and colored cornstarch blended, but still… I just wanted to do one.

So, I did!

The ColorVibe 5K made a stop in Daytona Beach on Saturday, March 1st, and it was a super fun run!

There are no timers, no finisher’s medals, no age group placements – it’s just running for the sheer love of it and to look like a rainbow vomited all over you at the end.

There was a stage with a DJ and great, loud music, and a mosh pit, and about 2,500 of my closest friends getting ready to rock!  It was a very high energy crowd!

There were, again, A LOT of tutus.  What’s the deal with running in tutus?  I just don’t get it…cv-b4

I went to the race with my team – Freddie, Cathy, Joanne, and Ann.  They were planning to walk the route and I was going to run.

cv-b42Deb’s dad is in town and we were planning to have “Thanksgiving” dinner on Saturday afternoon since we couldn’t all be together in November, so I had a tight window to maneuver through to get back home and prep the turkey.

As time for the start came, I made my way to the front, so I could start in the first wave.

The horn sounded and off we went through a color cannon – I think it was green.

We weaved around City Island and over a narrow footbridge, which really clogged things up.  You couldn’t pass and lots of people were walking, so just had to be patient.  Once we got out on Beach Street it was a bit more manageable.

We turned right and started up the International Speedway Blvd. bridge that goes over the Halifax River.

It was only a 5K, but I felt really strong and light on my feet and was passing people left and right.  More color stations and a right turn on Peninsula.  Passing more people.

As I turned onto Silver Beach to the finish there was no one (that I could see) in front of me.  This has NEVER happened before.

I know I wasn’t “first,” but literally I was leading my pack – it was kinda cool.

Once back on City Island, more color stations – that really laid it on thick because it was almost the end (pink this time) – I had difficulty following the route – I turned around and the girl behind me and I kind of guessed our way back to the finish line.

I looked at my Garmin as I crossed… 24:40 – a full minute faster than my last 5K in November – even with the walking people and getting “lost.”  I’ll take it!!

I had finished, but the rest of my group hadn’t even started yet!  That footbridge was causing such a bottleneck that the race people were only letting small waves go at a time…

colorvibe1As more and more people finished, the dance party started.

I must confess, I felt just a tad old.  I was not very interested in playing in the mosh pit, so I watched.  A young man came up to me and said, “I just want to give you a high five.  I was trying to catch you all the way from the bridge!”  Now, THAT was awesome!!!

I waited for my group for a while, but time was getting critical, so I borrowed a cellphone and asked Deb to meet me on Peninsula between City Island and home and I started running home.  I ended up running another 3+ miles before we met each other – BONUS WORKOUT!!!!

The ColorVibe 5K was very fun and I’m glad I ran in it.  Not sure I have any desire to do another color run, but I’m game for most anything once.


If you run a color run, be sure to put leave-in conditioner in your hair beforehand – especially if you have light hair – stuff stains!!! 🙂