Finally! I’m So Excited!!!



I’m so stinkin’ excited I can hardly contain myself!

One conference call and then we are out the door, Disney bound!

Race clothes – check; Race fuel- check; Garmin – check; iPod – check; Mapquest directions – check; ID – check; Hotel confirmation – check…

First stop:  ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to check in, get race bib, SWAG, and empty my wallet at the expo.

Then to the hotel to check in and figure out the transportation situation for the morning.

Then dinner and attempt to unwind and go to sleep.

1st alarm at 2:30am to eat, imagineer, and catch the 3:30am bus to the start line (well, to the drop off point… I understand there is then a 20 minute walk to the actual corrals.

Can you tell I am excited?  And I haven’t even had my coffee yet!!

I know these past months of training will pay off.  I’m ready.  Can’t wait for 5:30am!!


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