Figuring It Out

ironmanThe other evening Deb and I started a conversation that we were both too tired to finish; but it’s one that we need to have.

It’s about my Ironman FL 2015 goal – not so much about the actual race, because that’s just one day in time in the grand scheme of things, but about the training timeline leading up to it.

Now mind you, I’m a full YEAR from seriously jumping into the Ironman training fray (most training plans are 6 months long and the event is the first weekend in November), but there is a mindset shift involved – for all of us – and those expectations need to be understood, negotiated, and agreed upon now.

Otherwise, we get a year down the road and I’m off swimming, biking, and running twice per day, 6 days per week, and frustrations mount all around.  Deb gets frustrated that more of the household duties are on her, more of the kid care.  I get frustrated that I can’t do it all myself.  Josh gets frustrated that I’m not around. Or whatever…

Fortunately, the long suit in my relationship with Deb is our ability and willingness to openly and honestly communicate with each other.  Things don’t fester around here – we get it out, deal with it, and move on.  It is SO freaking refreshing!!

The coolest thing is that I have complete family buy-in on this goal.  Deb and Josh are my biggest cheerleaders and they want this for me almost as badly as I want it for myself.  And they are willing to sacrifice for it.

I polled a Facebook group that I am a part of for a real-life estimate of the time required to train properly for an Ironman and it looks like between 10 hours (at the beginning) and 25 hours (at the peak of training) is about average.

But what I was gratified to learn is that most of these women and men who have spouses, kids, jobs, etc. do a lot of their cycling and runs on bike trainers and treadmills in the wee hours of the morning before their kids and spouses wake up.  See, I can DO that!!

I don’t believe I will have to “give up my life and my work” for 6 months in order to participate in an Ironman triathlon.  If that were the case then the vast majority of people who race these events would never be able to.

What I DO believe is that I will have to put systems into place that make me the most organized and focused person on the planet!  I see a lot of combining family time with training time (trainer ride during family movie night anyone?).  I see a lot of 3am rides and runs.  I can do this!

Oh, and I wanted to share this video from my friend, Meredith Atwood (aka Swim-Bike-Mom) about her Ironman journey.  I cry every time I watch it because it so beautifully illustrates why I want to do this.  Enjoy it!

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