Don’t Stop Believin’

old_meSeveral days ago, I passed a younger man (mid-30’s if I were to guess) during my run.  He was jogging on the path in the same direction as me, but I was in the last mile of a fast interval set, so I was moving quickly (for me).

As I passed him, he asked, “What are you training for?”

Without much thought I said, “An Ironman.”

He shook his head, laughed, wished me luck and that was that.

It occurred to me that I get A LOT of head shakes and giggles when I share my goal with folks.

Shoot, I still shake my head and laugh at myself half the time!  It’s such a crazy goal – so far beyond ANYTHING I have ever done before.

And I know there are those people who don’t believe I will actually do it – plenty of them.

It’s one thing to SAY you’re going to race an Ironman…

It’s quite another to do what it takes to actually TRAIN for one (and I’ve barely even begun upon the path)…

And if the stars align just right and you actually FINISH in under 17 hours, well then, that’s just MONEY!  No one will ever be able to take that finish away from me, no matter what!!

I know Ironman Florida in 2015 is a great goal for me for several reasons:

  1. I just don’t see the path to get there.
  2. I want to hear Mike Reilly say “Angie Flynn, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” as badly as I want to breathe!!  (YOU are an Ironman)
  3. i-willI live to do things people tell me I just can’t do!  There is not a more satisfying feeling in the world – even if it is not proper to say “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo” 😉
  4. I will grow into the person who can call herself an Ironman along the journey – and really now, isn’t that the purpose of any worthy goal?  The person you become along the way?
  5. I want the M-dot tattoo!!! 😉

I believe in myself.

good-enoughMy family believes in me and supports my goal (even if they think I’m silly and foolish half the time).

And yet I still have to shake my head, laugh, and just tell myself “Good Luck with THAT!!”

21 months to go!!

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