Confession Time

confession-pic1&$@#&%$$$!!!!!!  So, this morning I post about discipline and choosing between what you want now versus what you want most and all that, and this AFTERNOON, my eating plan completely goes off the rails in a  blaze of chocolate covered macadamia nut glory!

Curse you, Swiss Colony, CURSE YOU!!!

Isn’t self-sabotage an interesting thing?

I KNOW what I need to do and how I need to eat to achieve the physical goals I have set for myself – I KNOW IT ALL!  Hellfire, I even wrote it all down and had it published in a book!

And just when things are humming along and I think to myself , “I got this,” the evil Swiss Colony tin just happens to jump off the pantry shelf and dump itself down my throat!  W-T-F???

001491No, it wasn’t the entire tin, but it WAS probably TEN pieces of chocolate… REALLY???

As penance I shall eat salad for dinner and do an extra core set tomorrow!!!

I thought about just letting it slide… I thought about not confessing my chocolatey transgression… But accountability is one of the things that this blog is all about and if I’m not honest about things, what good is it?

And, yes I am very aware that I must now start my “No Complaining Challenge” over – AGAIN!!! 😦

2 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. Thanks Angie your honesty makes someone like me who is trying and occasionally fails feel less like a failure and more like a human being with desire to achieve who slips up from time to time. Take care.

    • Hi GINA!! We are all human – no matter how hard we try to be SUPER-human! The difference between success and failure is getting back on the horse when you fall off – no matter how many times you fall (HA! or how much chocolate one eats! 😉 ). Have an AWESOME day!!

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