My Best Run Yet

8-mi-neg-splitThis morning’s run was probably my best run yet!

It wasn’t my fastest or my farthest, but it was definitely my strongest.

I stuck to Coach Pam’s training plan closely, although I was a tad aggressive.

The plan was to run 8 miles with negative splits according to the following pacing:

1 mile @ 10:00 min/mi
1 mile @ 9:50 min/mi
1 mile @ 9:45 min/mi
1 mile @ 9:40 min/mi
1 mile @ 9:30 min/mi
1 mile @ 9:15 min/mi
1 mile @ 9:00 min/mi
1 mile @ 8:50 min/mi

The deal was that I could do any of the intervals faster than she prescribed, but I couldn’t do any interval slower than what she prescribed.

Here is how the run went:


So, I was able to beat the time Pam laid out for me on each interval.

But what I am so freaking excited about is that this was the FIRST run ever when I finished and felt like I could have kept going for A LOT longer!  My legs felt great, my head was clear, I just FELT like a RUNNER!!!

I know like I know like I know that I will be ready for the half marathon next month!  Heck, I feel ready for it right now!

I am super excited about my running right now – don’t know if you could tell or not! 😉

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