Negative Split Run – Harder Than I Thought

Longest run to date

Longest run to date

Today’s run – brought to you by Coach Pam – was a negative split interval run.

Here was the plan:

2 miles @ 10 min/mile
2 miles @ 9:45 min/mile
2 miles @ 9:30 min/mile
2 miles @ 9:15 min/mile
2 miles @ 9:00 min/mile
2 miles @ 4 min run/30 sec walk until done.

I have to say, OH MY GAWD!!!  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

First, I find it hard to “go slow” (for me) right out of the gate.  I tend to go out faster than I should and as a result I burn out somewhere along the way and my pace goes to heck.

Second, I felt amazing through about mile 8 – barely even breathing hard, but miles 8 and 9 at 9 min/mile about did me in!  I ended up walking  the first full minute of the first 4 minute interval at mile 10 just to catch my breath – that interval was the weakest of the whole run.

neg-splitThird, I’m pretty sure I was hallucinating at points during the run – I swear I saw that pink elephant that Deb talks about in her presentations a couple of times along the way.

But, all-in-all, I am pretty pleased with the run – I was within my goal for pacing on every interval (except that nasty one at mile 10-11).


I am super glad I had the foresight to write the Galloway interval times on my hand – I needed to refer to those more than once.

Math is NOT my strong suit with an oxygen depleted brain!  I did the best I could.

My poor, poor Garmin.  It didn’t know what to do with me and my Galloway intervals.  It kept beeping at me all along the way to speed up or slow down to stay within my pacing bands.  LOL!

I am looking forward to Coach Pam’s feedback – I think she will be pleased for my first effort.

Thank GOD for my Rehydrate gels and my Slam shot – the only thing that got me home in one piece.

And compression socks – thank God for my compression socks.  🙂

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