The Voice Inside My Head

megaphoneWe all have a voice inside our head that tells us things – some good and some bad.

For a whole lot of years – okay, more like 45 years, the voice inside my head told me things like:

  • You can’t do that…
  • You’re not good enough…
  • You’re fat…
  • Be happy with what you’ve got…
  • Just give up…
  • This is what life is, accept it…
  • Have another glass of wine/cookie/slice/bowl/bag…
  • There’s not enough time/money…
  • Don’t be so selfish…
  • You’re too fat to run/bike/swim…
  • A triathlon?  PUL-EEZE

And on and on…

Best affirmation picture EVER!!

Best affirmation picture EVER!!

I have spent the better part of the past 4 years working on ME and on changing the conversation with the voice inside my head.

You may or may not know that my business is consulting with individuals, companies, teams, and organizations in the area peak performance, so I know what the process is for changing that dialogue.  It’s very effective, but it takes time… and patience… and discipline.

I have noodled on the subject of HOW the voice inside my head ever became so vicious and nasty.  I mean, it’s not like I was abused by my parents or was a social outcast or anything.  Far from it.

But somewhere along the way, my self-image took a nastily negative turn and it has been a Herculean feat to turn it around, but I have – for the most part (there are those few days each month when things tend to so south for a bit) and the conversations are much more gentle now.

  • Hey you’re going to be a black belt in 6 months!!
  • That was a decent run
  • OMG, you just ran double digit miles
  • Holy cow, you just passed a car on your bike!!
  • Are those AB muscles I see?
  • You just did 4 pullups!
  • Size 6?  Awesome!!!
  • You are a damned fine Mom and you take really good care of your family
  • You are smart
  • You ARE a triathlete!
  • Ironman in 2015?  What the hell!!  Let’s do it!!

liarMy point in all this.  That voice in your head that tells you, “You can’t ______________” is a big, fat liar!!

Your self-talk is so, so, SO important!  Your self-talk is your prayer and God answers ALL prayers – but not necessarily the ones you say with your mouth, rather the ones you speak from your heart and your soul.

Be mindful of the conversations you have with yourself – keep it positive people!!

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