And This Just In From the #shitjustgotreal Camp

shit-just-got-realSo, I met with Coach Pam today (yeah that’s right, Dopey Challenge, running 49.6 miles in 4 days, Ironman – that’s the one) so we could review my progress since the holidays.

She is almost as tickled as I am about my Garmin because now she can refine my training – OH BOY!!!

split-timesWe looked at my longest run to date, which was last Wednesday – 11 miles.  She pulled up my split times and said, Man, if you could just invert those splits, that would be a PERFECT run.

I think I may have mentioned that I am not a particularly patient athlete.  I tend to go out fast and hard and then just kind of settle into a slower pace somewhere in the middle.  Negative splits are NOT my norm by any stretch of the imagination.

But it looks like that’s where we’re heading.

Tomorrow is once again my longest run ever at 12 miles.  She wants me to run:

  • 2 miles at a 10 minute pace
  • 2 miles at a 9:45 min pace
  • 2 miles at a 9:30 min pace
  • 2 miles at a 9:15 min pace
  • 2 miles at a 9:00 min pace
  • 2 miles skipping an interval walk (so 4 min run/30 sec walk)

She says that my overall pace should be somewhat faster than my normal pace. She says that holding back in the beginning will make my overall run more pleasant and comfortable.  She says this type of training will help me learn to run by feel rather than running by “Garmin.”

I just have to trust her on that – it sounds like tomorrow will be hard as crap!!!

I have to believe that #shitjustgotreal!!!

Pray for me and I’ll report back when I’m finished!!

garminP.S. Can I just say how much I love, Love, LOVE my Garmin?  I just laid out the intervals for this particular workout and – boom – it uploaded to my watch and I’m all set – how freakin’ cool is that!  I am so easily amused!! 🙂

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