Sweet Anticipation

dopey-challenge-graphicThis weekend is race weekend at Disney World – not my race, but Disney World Marathon weekend.

I have a number of friends participating in something called “The Dopey Challenge,” including Coach Pam.  The brand new Dopey Challenge consists of running a 5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, the Disney World Half-Marathon on Saturday, and finally the Disney World Marathon on Sunday – 48.6 miles of agonizing delicious running misery pleasure over 4 days.  But when they finish they get SIX cool medals!!! 🙂

Something to work up to perhaps… (uhm, no… NOT… EVER!!!)

princessYesterday, however, I did receive the first pre-race email from the Disney Princess Half-Marathon folks at runDisney urging me to make sure I had hotel reservations and reserved my spot at the pre-race pasta party and all that kind of stuff.

Rapunzel-tangled-34260942-1008-755I chose Rapunzel as “my princess” when I registered because she wears purple and I LOVE purple and because – let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a princess who bashes her Prince Charming over the head repeatedly with a cast-iron frying pan?

I live just a little over an hour from Epcot (the start/finish line) so I just figured that we’d get up early on race day, drive over, run, and come home.

Well, apparently that is not the best plan…

I have to be in my starting corral at 5:00 a.m. or I can’t run … period.

The race corrals are a 20 minute walk from the Family Meetup area.

We have to pick up Nicki in DeLand along the way.

The email warns that traffic will be a misery and many of the streets around Epcot will close after 11pm on Saturday night in preparation for the race.

Soooo, doing the math, and leaving time for traffic snarls and such, I figured we would have to leave home at about midnight to ensure that we get where we’re supposed to be on time.

Screw that!!!

the-hotel--v665255-1600So I booked a room for the 4 of us at one of the resorts at Disney World – Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.  It looks like a fun resort for Josh while we are buzzing around with final preparations on Saturday, and it had rooms available… :/

So now we can drive over on Saturday morning, check out the race expo, rest and relax, get up early (but not at midnight) and get a nice bus ride to the start line! SWEET!!

On a small side-rant… Why is it that the race registration fee for these destination races is just the beginning of the expense.  I almost fell over when I saw that the registration fee for the Disney Princess half was $170, but then there’s a hotel room and eating out and all that.  It’s going to cost $750 by the time it’s all over and that if I don’t buy race chotchkies.  WOW!!!

But seriously, I am getting excited about this race.  I think it will be great fun for the whole family.  Only 42 days left!  WOOT!!

Oh, and good luck to all my “Dopey” friends!!! 🙂

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