Second Guessing Myself

allhurtAs I got out of bed this morning I honestly felt as if I had been hit by a truck!  EVERYTHING hurt!  My upper body is so sore from jumping back into weightlifting after a 2+ week hiatus and my lower back and knees were aching from my run yesterday.

It gave me a moment of pause and then that nasty voice inside my head – you know the one – that tells me I’m being stupid, or that I shouldn’t, or that I can’t started whispering in my ear… “Maybe you’re not meant for endurance events…”

I actually voiced that thought to Deb while I was prepping my modified lower body weightlifting routine (so as to not further damage my aching knees).  I suggested that maybe I should rethink marathons and Ironman and just be satisfied with sprints and olympic tris.  I mean, I need to run a marathon before IM-FL and, and, and… How much is too much?

She laughed at me – oh yes she did – right out loud to my face!  She told me I was being silly and that I just needed to communicate my physical issues to my coach and she would know how to adjust my training so that I could progress without hurting myself.

Then she reminded me of a blog post I read that summarized a particularly interesting finding among runners.  “It talked about the fact that you can think of achieving cardio improvements about every 3-4 weeks, muscular improvements every 9-12 weeks, but tendons and ligaments can take a full 9-12 months to ratchet up. The authors contend that it’s not at all surprising that folks like me end up with injuries a few months into a program. At that point we’ve made great strides in terms of cardio and muscle fitness, but the rest of our body can’t keep up yet.” (

go-slowI think that’s where I am – my cardio and muscular fitness are really quite good, but I have NEVER been a runner, so while my muscles may be raring to go, my tendons and ligaments are just not quite ready for the volume I am demanding from them.  I must take my ego out of my training and just be smart.  Volume comes with time.

Then Deb gave me an analogy that hit home.  I was saying that I felt like I had to have one of each Ironman element under my belt before IM-FL and she said, “Angie you can’t experience a black belt test BEFORE your black belt test – you just can’t.”

imThere are plenty of people out there who, like me, just work up one morning and decided to compete in triathlon.  There are many people who have finished Ironman triathlons who only ran a half the distance before race day.

So, I have my goal and I will not allow the voice inside my head to derail me from achieving it.  But I concede that I have to be smarter than I am being.  I need to communicate better than I have been.  I have 22 months until IM-FL 2015 – I can accomplish one hell of a lot in 22 months (2 minutes at a time, right?).

It’s all good!!

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