Two Minutes

patchI believe I have mentioned that I am training for my black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate in addition to my triathlon pursuits.

Mr. (Mike) Petersen, the senior head instructor of Mike Petersen’s Kempo Karate School in Christiansburg, Virginia where I used to train (and still go for my belt rank advancement tests) before we moved to Florida, has a mantra that he drills into the head of every student who passes through the doors of his school for any length of time:

2-minutes“You can do ANYTHING for two minutes.”

His point is that if you believe that statement, your mind can push you through just about anything 2 minutes at a time.

This morning I had my longest run to date – 11 miles – and as I headed out of our driveway, I repeated this mantra: “You can do this – it’s just 2 minutes and you can do ANYTHING for 2 minutes.”

And so I did – 2 minutes of running and then 30 blissful seconds of walking, repeated over and over and over again until I completed the requisite 11 miles.

11-mileAt about the 9.5 mile mark, my right foot started seizing up in a massive cramp along the bottom and it hurt like all get out.  During my walk breaks I would try to stretch it out, but it didn’t work very well – and even then, as I would start running and my foot would cramp up again, I would tell myself, “You can take anything for 2 minutes.” And I did.

And that is how I will get through the half-marathon next month and my black belt test in July, and my triathlon schedule in the Fall, and the marathon I plan to run in 2015, and the HIM, and Ironman Florida – and anything else I decide to do that might be hard.

2 minutes at a time…

Because I can do ANYTHING for 2 minutes!!

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