A Lesson on Perspective

perspectivePerspective is a funny and wonderful thing.

It can make a situation that seems like the end of the world to one person seem pretty darned good to someone else.

I live in Florida just a block off the beach in a lovely little village south of Daytona Beach called Ponce Inlet.  I love it here.  I love everything about it – I don’t even mind the high property taxes and the seemingly disproportionate number of turkey vultures that inhabit the area.

Katharine the great white shark... But I digress...

Katharine the great white shark… But I digress…

It is beautiful and quaint and the sand is like powdered sugar and the ocean is that awesome Caribbean blue on a sunny day.  I love that I can go out on any given day and swim with rays and dolphins (and apparently a Great White shark named Katharine… there ARE some things that are perhaps best left UNKNOWN… just sayin…)

But what I love most – and the main reason I moved here – is the weather.  I do not miss the Virginia winters and snow and ice and freezing temperatures – AT ALL!

Yes, it’s Florida and it gets hot in the summer, you know it, you expect it, you deal with it – big deal.  What you do not expect are the cold snaps which are quite rare (based on our “considerable” experience of living here for 3 whole years 🙂 )

Frozen_Jack_NicholsonSo, last week when the temperature plunged into the upper 30’s and low 40’s, it was a bit of a shock to my system.

It seems my blood has thinned a bit since moving south, because 39 degrees felt like the frozen tundra as far as I was concerned!

I ran my longest run to date on Friday morning when it was 39 degrees here in Ponce Inlet and my fingers were numb, my nose was running!

So here’s the lesson in perspective.

My friend, Cortney Martin, is an elite age-grouper triathlete who lives in my old hometown of Blacksburg, VA.  She ran on New Year’s Day and blogged about it – it was about the same temperature in VA on Wednesday as it was here on Friday.

Here is Cortney dressed for her run


Note the conspicuous absence of leg and arm coverage…

And here is pretty much what I looked like, dressed for mine

This is NOT me, but you get the idea!

This is NOT me, but you get the idea!

Because you see, 40 degrees in January in Blacksburg is balmy – people don’t even throw on a jacket – heck, some folks ride around in their cars with their windows down!

40 degrees in Florida ANYTIME is Nanook of the North time!!


What I deem to be freezing and worthy of at least considering rescheduling over is comfortable to Cortney – ideal running conditions.

I wonder in what other areas might perspective be limiting me? Hmmmm….

Perhaps the next time I feel hindered by a circumstance (like the weather) I should approach the situation from an alternate perspective and see if I can’t turn my attitude around.

It’s definitely worth a shot!

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