2013 By The Numbers

2013-By-the-NumbersI was looking over my training logs for 2013 and I was pretty shocked and delighted by what I found.

I started training for a Sprint Distance Triathlon on May 6, 2013 – before May I may have gotten on my bike and gone for a spin around the inlet, but it was sporadic at best.

Before May most of my exercise came from quick HIIT workouts on the stationary bike or elliptical, strength training, and karate.

I added up all the numbers.  Between May 6 and December 31, 2013, I swam 12.6 miles (swimming ended for me in August when school started as I have a kiddo to get on the bus during Masters swim – that will change in this spring); biked 716.62 miles; and ran 381.14 miles – that’s 1,110.36 miles.

how sweetIf I got on I-95 here in Port Orange and headed North, I essentially swam, biked, and ran my way to New York City!!!

I have triathlete friends who probably look at those numbers and think something along the lines of, “Oh isn’t that cute,” but it’s kind of a shocking realization for me that I pretty much S-B-R’ed the width of the USA!!!

And 2014 will only be bigger and better!!  So excited to see what happens next!


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