The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Taking-A-Vacation-Is-Very-Important“Vacation” is an interesting concept when your office is inside your home.

My partner and I have a consulting business – we are “mindset coaches” – basically, we help people “change their minds” when it comes to what they believe themselves to be capable of.

Anyhow, we work from home – it is 6:00am on Saturday, 12/28, and I walked 30 steps from my bed to my desk in my jammies, because I woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep right away, and felt compelled to use the time to my advantage – even if it is only to post about the fact that I can’t seem to consistently relax while on vacation on my blog…

Now I add a vacation from physical training into the mix as well and I feel like an OCD basket case!

Where has my ability to just “BE” gone?

Why do I feel like I have to be DOING something at all times?

There was a time – back in the days when I had a “job” – when I could blow a whole weekend in front of The Food Network and never bat an eye.

But not anymore.  Every moment is to be leveraged

2013-12-27 001 2013-12-26 003Last night, however, was a moment of perfection.  HOURS of perfection actually.

Nicki was off reading, Josh was watching a new football DVD that Santa brought him, and Erin was at work.

Deb and I worked on the 2,000 piece puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle that I gave her for Christmas (I figured it was something we could work on together over the next year – a little here and a little there) for 4 hours, and it was awesome!

Just being… No schedule… Perfection…

I understand the importance of taking a break – I absolutely get it.  I just seem suddenly incapable of tuning all the noise out.  Work and workouts keep whispering in my ear…

2013-12-27 001 2013-12-27 002

Can we finish before New Year’s Day? 🙂

I guess I am on purpose.  I DO have a magnificent obsession with both my work and my training, and as much as I needed a break from both, I miss them.

Am I alone in this feeling?  Do you ever look forward to vacation, but then when it arrives, you have difficulty “letting go” and relaxing?

BTW, the puzzle that was supposed to be a multi-month project…  Here we are on Day 2…

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