A Decision Point…

when-youre-doneThis is how I usually approach my training.  I don’t necessarily jump out of bed thrilled about what lies ahead, but I ALWAYS know that I will feel awesome when I’m finished.

Such was the case on Saturday when I headed out the door at the crack of dawn for my 105 minute brick – 90 minute bike, 15 minute run.  I was shooting for 25 miles on the bike leg – aggressive for me, but I wanted to go for it since the run on the back side was so short.

I fueled up before I left the house… I was properly hydrated… Properly supplemented…  The weather was great… There was no wind to speak of – nothing to indicate an other-than-optimal training session.

However, halfway through my ride, I fell apart.  My legs felt like lead.  My head was exploding.  Everything hurt.  I could barely keep an 18 mph pace.  My cadence was erratic.  My heart rate was far higher than it should have been.  I . WAS . MISERABLE!!!

And that’s when I faced a decision point.

COULD I push through and finish the workout? Absolutely.

SHOULD I?  That was the question…

OvertrainingI have been training hard for the past 18 weeks – 6 days per week – busting my ass, running, biking, weightlifting, karate – rain, wind, shine, heat, cold (okay, cold for FLORIDA!).  I’ve been eating clean and supplementing properly.  I’ve been sleeping well.

And then about a week ago, the wheels came off the bus.  I wasn’t sleeping well at all, I was moody, I had cravings that I haven’t had in a long time, workouts were hard, I was unmotivated, I wasn’t recovering well in between.

Overtraining has set in.  I looked up the signs of overtraining and I have almost every single one – Awesome! 😦

I decided to stop my ride on Saturday at the 12 mile point, after 45 minutes.  I was done!

overtraining signsFortunately, I have a week off scheduled into my training, starting Christmas Day, but I’ve decided that I am taking off from today, 12/23 – 12/31.

My next workout will be a 10 mile run on New Year’s Day.

OvertrainingMEME1I’m a bit nervous about it, but I know that pushing through is not going to do anything for me other than send me backwards.  So, I am really trying to make peace with my decision.

I am, by nature, an incredible stubborn person.  This has served me well in my training, because I will not quit until I am done.  Period.

But, I also know the importance of listening to my body – especially since I am still recovering from some injuries earlier in the Fall.

So, here’s to a training break!  I know I’ll come back on January 1st better than ever!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

merry fitmas

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