The Sounds of “Silence”

This just happened...

This just happened…

This morning I had a bridge run scheduled.  I live right across the street from the ocean in Florida and the closest thing we have to hills around here are the bridges that go up and over the intercoastal waterway (I know, I know… I can hear my runner friends from Virginia laughing at my “hills” – hey, we do what we can with what we have).  I live about 3-1/2 miles from one of these bridges that connects our beachside peninsula to the mainland.

dunlawton-bridge I drive to a bank parking lot that is about 1/2 mile from the bridge and warm up by jogging to the bridge, then do whatever workout Coach Pam has dreamed up for me and then cool down by jogging back to my car.  It works for me.

Until this morning when I found that to my horror, I had left my iPod at home.

How could I POSSIBLY do bridge repeats without my running playlist?

I debated going home and getting it, but that seemed (and would have been) a silly waste of time.

So, I sucked it up and did the workout anyhow.

I expected it to be a lot harder without music.

When I run – especially longer runs – I tend to just kind of get lost in the music.  It FEELS easier to me in the moment.

But it was interesting running without music too.  It wasn’t more difficult as I feared it would be.

runIn fact, I felt more in tune with my body because I could actually hear my foot fall and my cadence and my breathing.

It was feedback on my performance that I wasn’t used to getting.  It distracted me from the actual workout to the point that I was finished with the repeats before I knew it.

I was curious in this phenomena that I actually came home and googled around on the subject and found there is quite the debate in the running community on which is better.

Here is one article I found in Runner’s World that was very interesting.

As for me, I think I will continue to grab my iPod for longer runs, but I may just leave it at home for the shorter hill work, interval, and track work.

Who knew?

What’s your preference?  Music or Silence?

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