Looking Back and Moving Forward

introspectionEvery year, about this time, I start getting a little introspective.

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklersThe year is closing out and the New Year is just close enough to touch – full of possibility and potential – unspoiled perfection.

In year’s past I would sit and look over the year gone by and there were always successes to celebrate, but, I never seemed to see them – instead I would dwell on my failures – on the things left undone or the goals not yet achieved.

In year’s past, sitting in the thick of the holiday season, I would likely have gained several (or more pounds), thinking, “Well, as soon as the New Year comes I’ll get back on track.”

An endless 365 day loop, played out annually – over and over and over again – for decades…

This year is very different.  I am a different person exiting 2013 from the person who entered it.

I have changed.

Endless_Summer_Triathlon 2013-07-13 028I have transformed.

There have been so many wins at work that are very exciting.  Our team has really gelled and become a functional unit moving in one direction and the results bear out how effectively we work together.

But even more than my work – where I generally feel pretty confident, I have experienced successes that I never dreamed possible.

I am a triathlete!

PI-5K3I am a runner!

I have leaned out so much this year and my performance has improved in all areas.

I am much more confident in my appearance.

I feel amazingly healthy.

It feels so good to be approaching 50 years old just hitting my stride – getting better every day, rather than starting to fall apart.

InevitableGoalMy physical goals for 2014:

  • Finish Disney Princess Half Marathon in under 2 hours
  • Run a Color Vibe 5K in under 25 minutes
  • Test for my Blackbelt in Karate in July at a level I am proud of
  • Join Master Swim
  • Compete in 3 Sprint and 2 Oly Distance Tris in the late summer/Fall
  • Compete in IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta on 9/28/14
  • Release another 10 pounds
  • Register for Ironman FL 2015
  • Assorted 5Ks
  • Register for a Marathon (I have no idea which one) to be run in early 2015
  • Train hard, train smart, and listen to my coach

Aggressive? Absolutely… Achievable?  Most definitely!

No regrets 2013 – it’s been an awesome year!

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