Intentional Drills?

intentionI received the following reply to the most recent update I sent to my coach:

You are doing just fantastic  – I am super proud of you!!  Of course keep me posted on that ankle – Do you think we are ready to put some more intentional drills to those runs?   It’ll be super fun!!!

When I started working with Pam about a month ago, I was just coming off a bout of tendonitis and I had come to terms with a few basic truths of training:

  1. Just grabbing a training program off the internet to prep for an event is one of the more idiotic things I have done recently.
  2. I am human, I do bleed, and I can be hurt.
  3. At 48 years old, I do not have the knowledge to safely take myself where I want to go in the sport of triathlon.

I committed to being teachable and coachable and to LISTEN to what she told me (which I have done – for the most part).

See, I am in the sweet spot of triathlon training – I have a HIGH desire to learn and an even HIGHER desire to change

As a mindset coach, I know from my own personal experience and from the experience of our clients that when someone is in the sweet spot with a goal, there is little that will stop them from achieving it.

When Pam sent me my first workout schedule, it was great – if a bit generic.  And I have followed it to the letter (for the most part – there have been a couple of runs that I accidentally lengthened – REALLY!!).

I think that perhaps I have proven myself worthy of more attention and well, MORE…

I get that…

I work hard with all of my clients and I am vested in their results – my clients matter to me.

bring-itBut there are some that really put forth such an extra degree of effort and an extra willingness to perform that I get so excited about their progress and their potential that I just consistently go even beyond that extra mile for them.

I tell all my clients on Day 1, “If you take 1 step, I will take 3, but I won’t do it for you.”

So when I read Pam’s email, I felt awesome – and then I thought, “Intentional drills?  That sounds scary!”

And I imagine some of them will be – scary and hard, but it is only by stepping outside our comfort zone that we grow and progress, so BRING IT, Pam!  I’m scared, but ready.  Let’s do this!

I can’t wait to see the training schedule… I wonder if she’s seen this blog?  Hmmmm….

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