So THAT’S What All The Fuss Is About!

HallelujahJust about every time I have ever talked to a runner who runs consistently, they get around to the subject of “the runner’s high.”

In theory the runner’s high sounds awesome – a feeling of euphoria and a state where you feel you could run all day long.


I’m in…

But I have never experienced a runner’s high before – I thought I MIGHT have kinda gotten there once before, but I didn’t.

I guess it’s kind of like good sex – people can tell you about it or whatever, but you don’t know what, nor can you fully appreciate what they are talking about until you actually experience it for yourself.

I experienced my very first runner’s high on this morning’s run…

omg-horizontalIt WAS quite amazing.

I was out for a 5 mile interval run and I was pushing the intervals a bit harder than I usually do because I had a time crunch, but didn’t want to short my training distance.

On the way back I suddenly felt all the discomfort melt away.

I felt light, my legs felt brand new…

I did indeed feel like I could run all day long, so I ran faster.

It was so cool!

My normal pace for anything over a 5K or so, is about 9:30/mile, but today I ran 5 miles at an average of 8:57/mile and the back end of my run was a full minute faster than the front end.  Pretty cool!

Now that I know what all the fuss is about, it makes me want to run even more!! 🙂

Not really...

Not really…

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