Me? An Ironman?

imIt all started so innocently!!

You know, one of those silly Facebook things where you like a post and someone gives you a number and you have to list that many things that most people don’t know about you.

Okay, fine – My number was 10…

#8 was “I secretly want to race an ironman triathlon (such a scary goal).”

I really didn’t think anything more about it – it’s true, finishing an Ironman Triathlon would be my holy grail of endurance athletics, and it’s totally on my bucket list.

And then, my coach sees my post…

And I get THIS reply…

Since your triathlon and running coach now is aware, not only is #8 no longer a secret, we will be signing up and hitting SEND together way sooner than you might think… IM FL here you come 2015 is the magic year!!

IMFLHeaderHOLY CRAP!!!  IM FL is the first weekend of November.  I have committed to a half marathon in February and then to all karate all the time until black belt testing in July.  Then I really want to do a solo olympic tri in the Fall.

And then…GULP… Ironman training?


Am I really up for that?

ironman2.4 mile swim + a 112 mi bike + a 26.2 mi run???


I suppose it’s a worthy goal, because I honestly do NOT see the path.

But then, why not me?  And why not 2015?  What better way to celebrate my 50th birthday?

Do I dare put up the countdown widget?

LOL… Why the heck not!!!


I made a page for my goal book so it must be real…

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