No Complaining Challenge

Are YOU ready for the challenge of your life?

Are YOU ready for the challenge of your life?

Do you want to change your life?  And when I say “change your life,” I don’t just mean a little change, but rather a huge quantum leap-type, transformational change?  If you are ready, then you have come to the right place!

In my last post I mused on the fact that I have “gone negative” lately and that I just needed to “suck it up.”  And I’m a mindset coach for goodness sakes!

Deb and I were talking about this over the weekend and discussing where we are and where we’re going and we decided that it was time to SERIOUSLY take the “No Complaining Challenge” for 30 days.

Now, Deb has done this before and it absolutely transformed her entire attitude on life.

I have TRIED it many times over the past 4 years, but I rarely get through the first day before my habit of blaming someone or something for, complaining about, or justifying a situation in my life where my results are not as I would ultimately like them to be.

Did you ever stop to notice that complaining never gets you anywhere – at all?  You might feel better in the moment when you get the chance to commiserate with friends, but see, when you complain you only seem to attract more things to complain about and more complainers to surround yourself with.  It’s a negative, out of control spiral!!!

So, here is the challenge: You commit to remaining “complaint (blame and justification)-free” for 30 days.

When negative thoughts come into your mind (and they will – you can’t stop them), just dismiss them without giving voice to it.  Resist the temptation to mull the complaint over in your mind or speak about it to others – just let it flow right on by.

I guarantee that people will want to know who you are and what you’ve done with the REAL (insert your name here) by the time 30 days passes.

If you catch yourself complaining , you have to start over at Day 1!!  30 straight days – no complaining, blaming or justifying… PERIOD!no whining

How do you know if it’s REALLY a complaint?  It all boils down to how what you say makes you and/or the other people around you feel when you say it.  For instance, I can look outside and say, “Oh, it’s raining.”  That’s just a statement of fact.  However, if I look outside and stomp my foot and say “Damn it, it’s RAINING – my plans to go to the beach today are ruined!”  – then THAT is a complaint – it makes me feel bad and likely brings the people I am with down as well.

Most people have a habit of complaining about, blaming other people for, and justifying their present circumstances, so you must be vigilant.  Enlist an accountability partner to help you through.  Post pictures and notes around your office or home to remind you of your commitment.

Then, just do it.  And please come back and leave me a comment and let me know how this challenge changes your life!

I’m only on Day 4 and I already feel so much better, so much calmer, and so much more in control.  I AM making it to 30 days this time!  There is no stopping me!!!


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